Dreamers Inherit The Earth

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 00:37 -- mani7


When you wake up what do you see? 

Do you see the world as a cruel unusual place

Or do you see that you were blessed with dreams to achieve everyday. 


Dreamers inherit the earth 
Without dreams what are we? 
Without struggle do we grow? 


Even when the process maybe slow, take life one step at a time and progress with show. 

You will have your doubters and people that will laugh and smile. Thinking "is this person serious they'll never make it ".

But your a dreamer so the risk you'll take it. 

You believe in yourself when believing is hard.

Keep rolling with the punches and soon you'll be shooting for the stars.

Maybe shooting past mars your a dreamer so nothing is too far.

Without struggle there is nothing to gain 
You have fight back and indoor the pain.

You have to beat the pain at it's own game. 
And remain strong so your dream can never change.

We all want success or want to achieve greatness.

So who's gonna be the dreamer that's wants it and takes it? 

Who's gonna be the person that struggled and made?

Do you have a dream? 
Are you that person? 
Look inside yourself?
And is your dream still open?
Is your faith still there? 
Did you fail at one point in life and if you did, did you shed some tears? 

Those weren't tears of failure or defeat.

That was weakness leaving the body so you don't have to weep. 

Who's the person that is willing to make the change? 

A dreamer that's who so you will still remain.


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