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Many people may question, what the heck is a dream
Is it a figment of my imagination my brain continues to stream
Is it a goal in my future that I can clearly see in sight
Or is it a mix of happiness and horror that I live through every night
But there's something about these dreams all of us crave to do
We want to make the impossible happen, by making those dreams come true
Whether that dream is to date the person you've liked for a real long time
Or patrol the streets of major cities to solve and bust down crime
Whether you dream you one day want to be the President of the United States
Or rather work in the state carnival, and spin and juggle plates
Dreams are what make reality, seem much more interesting and fun
Make you believe that we can one day visit the planets and touch the sun
Dreams help you believe that one day, your life can forever change
Your once depressing life can spread out in a exciting variety and range
Dreams aren't something when you wake up you can just forget or diminish
It's a sprinkle of hope that tells you it doesn't matter how you start, but only how you finish
To many, dreams are just a part of our imagination that we honestly don't need
But to people like me, it's an escape portal that gives you the steps to succeed
Dreams are what make you who you are, every pound for pound
They have a wonderful power of making even the most lost hopes and beliefs become found

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