Questions Are The Answers

                  Questions Are The Answers                        

                                                By: Wardah Elghazali


Who am i?

Am I the person you wish to be?

Or am I the person that you wish not to be?

Am I the reflection of the bad or the good?

Or am I just simply someone?


What does it take to become ‘someone’?

What makes us different than others?

Is it the way we dress?

Or is it the way we act?


What makes you better than me?

Do you have extra luck?

Or is the result of sleepless nights?


Questions are the only answers


What have I done to become an ’individual’?

What has stopped me from becoming what I wanted to be?

Is it my religion?

Or is it my fears?


What have I done to reach my goal?

What shook up my determination and ambition?

Is it my laziness?

Or, is it the confusion of who I want to be?


Still, questions are the only answers


Will I wake up from the never-ending fantasy?

Will I be able to realize the vain and harshness of reality?

Or will I sleep blanketed by superficial safety and prosperity?

My head cushioned on layers of imposed dreams,

A cover of ignorance, knitted with threads of lies







This poem is about: 



Searching for oneself. Searching for your identity. Disregarding the rules and being someone worthy. 

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