Fight and Overcome

After a long and taxing battle
It all comes to a end 
Decided by one final tug

The heart 
Is the undisputed champion
Standing for love and purity
Fighting for his beauty 
Creating true happiness and a sense of euphoria

The brain 
The pitiful runner up
Fueled by the beast words of hatred and lies
Causing only corruption and self doubt

Sometimes you need to turn off your brain 
Stop thinking so much
Shut away your fears and doubt's
Caused by your internal beast
A evil and horrid monster created by yourself
From insecurities, hate, fears , and poor self love

Just turn on your HEART
Don't think just feel 
Feel the passion , love, and confidence flowing through you
Feel that you are capable 
Feel that you are courageous

Listen to your heart 
Seek and pursue true happiness 
Love your beauty until the end 
Never let the beast in your head
Win or control you again 
Erase all your fears and doubt

Live like there is no tomorrow
Laugh and smile without a care in the world
Love completely and unconditionally

This poem is about: 
Our world


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