Be impatient.

Feel like now is the time to change shit,

Not rearrange it

Or reframe it.

Take it all down and make another,

One for your sister,

One for your brother.

Be impatient, want what

You want now,

Even when it comes down

To it you don’t know how-

To get it.

But if you wait too long,

You’ll surely regret it.

This much is proven;

The World 1, you 0,

You ain’t winnin’, you losin’,

Please hear me out cause

I’m referring to livin’;

The process of pursuing ambition

And never quittin’.

You can’t wait around,

Until it’s safe and sound,

Before you decide

To hit the ground-running;

Movin with such haste trying

To make yourself somethin’.

Wait too long, death is near,

You just don’t see it comin,

Till it knocks you over and your

Ears are ringing and your head is hummin’.

Soul drifter starts wonderin’

Why in blankets of security

He stayed bundlin’.

Why he never went out of that cage,

And stepped on new ground, a new stage;

Cause he liked to picture his future like a play,

Stayed in his head and put his shoes away;

Shoes that were meant for running-

Outside with a man that was meant to begin becoming-

All he ever envisioned,

But he couldn’t quite make a decision.

Sit in this box or go outside,

Sit here with dreams that will never really come alive.

He knew the best option like all the rest,

But he was afraid of failure;

That much he had to confess.

Yet still this ambition he couldn’t repress,

Even while his feet were ready, his mind

Was there to suggest;

That he reconsider his choices

And stop listening to all these voices-

Telling him to leave,

That once outside he could come alive and breathe-

In the air of the fantasies his is making real,

Saying that he’ll be able to experience

Something he has yet to feel.

His mind said no until his body finally said yes,

Until his dreams, he could no longer suppress,

Until he didn’t give a damn what his mind was

Aiming to suggest;

Understanding that his feet knew best.

Strapped on his shoes

And hit the ground running,

To become important,

To become something.

But it was ten years too late,

Too early, the man met Hell’s Gate.

Chose to be patient,

Until he became a patient-

At a local hospital where he died shortly after.

Death looking on with such glee and laughter;

Recognizing how short his life was lived,

And how later an effort he tried to give.

Too soon met everyone’s unfortunate fate,

Each our own mysterious date.

Yet it’s not that he didn’t come out with speed,

He merely came out with not enough time

One would actually need.

Spent days imaging and thinking,

His time slot was growing smaller, it was shrinking;

Until he was left just blinking,

And hearing the clinking;

Of the keys to that infamous Gate,

That cut off his life and sealed his fate.

Looking back his mind is all he has left to hate,

Taunted him with failure and he quickly took the bait.

Understanding now that life isn’t too short,

Some just start living it too late.


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