Dream Eater

I wake up to an alarm screaming at me

From such a peaceful,



The lucidity I love

The dreams I live

I’ve often caught myself saying

It’s better to dream than live


Wake, eat, work, sleep

Everyday over and over

Sacrificing my dreams for letters that define me

Giving time to a subject some just obtain automatically

Why have I always had to fight for my dream time

When they can catch z’s soundly without worry

Sitting there in class grinning

While I’m fighting to keep myself from tearing my skin off


Wake, eat, work, sleep

Dreams have just become sleep

A necessity; no longer a great pass time like it used to be

My dreams reside in a notebook pitched far away from me

I reach out my extensions

My mind aches for it

Please, release me from this tireless cycle

This modern hell


It’s the wake, eat, work, sleep

That builds me into a million cogs and machine parts

I’m not shiny like these other cognitive cogs

I am old and sluggish

I don’t even feel, I just do

It’s hard when the art seems so far away

Even though it’s simply here in my hands

My heart

My dreams


Wake, eat, work, sleep

I drink in the schedule


It’s that invisible hand shoving it down my throat too fast

It’s the man

It’s the future


It detaches me


I want to eat my dreams.

I want to fill my stomach with them until I can’t fit anymore

I want to eat them slowly and savor every single moment

Take a bite of every single smile

Every single syllable and word

Every single dream

I’ll just devour them and process them and finally grab that damn book

And just write

I don’t wanna care anymore

I want to eat my dreams until I’m fat

Until I can’t move and my head feels like a fish bowl

Till my heart strums a tune made of honey

And my hands are dipped in an air of breezy summer

I want to feel every dream in my hand


I want to take others’ dreams and eat them too and make them my own

I want to create dreams other people can eat

I’ll be a chef of words, colors, and happiness


Wake, eat, work, and sleep


I’m breaking it

I don’t care anymore

I’m through and done

I’m taking the schedule out of my heart

And clicking in something new

Something like

Wake only to eat the dreams

(don’t give a shit about anything else; you know what you’re here for)

Eat the dreams plentifully and don’t let anyone stop you

(screw the knife and fork, goddammit, eat with your hands when you can)

Work only for the moment, only to get it over with

(because you know it really doesn’t matter, you’re just jumpin through those hoops)

Don’t sleep

Don’t sleep ever again, goddammit

You will dream

And you will dream until your dream becomes a house

A house with walls and beds and great windows and a kitchen

Walk through the halls

Through the bedrooms

Inside the living room

Take off your fucking socks and feel the carpet

Then walk in the kitchen

Open the cupboards

Look at all your dreams

Look at them good and hard until your mouth waters


Then eat them

Eat your dreams and eat until you become them

Be your dreams

It’s your dream house full of your dreams

Be the Dream Eater



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