Everything else has ceased to matter,

To exist

In his eyes.

The damned metal has taken control

Of everything in sight:

Of our once beautiful home,

Of my body,

Of his mind.


Every day,

I watch him pace the halls

Through my golden eyes,

Locked in place.

I hear him laugh in pained episodes of madness

As he roams the halls

And tries to convince himself

That this is what he wanted.

He so desired infinite wealth,

And that is what he received.

His world turned to gold,

Granting his wish

But stealing away everything he loved

Like a thief in the night.


My father yet holds a place in my heart,

Reserved solely for a paternal love,

But there a fire also burns.

The flame, a shameful fury

For what he has done to me.

He condemned me to this hell,

Always aware,

Never able to intervene.

I can merely sit

And watch his madness unfold,

Watch as he does to himself

What he did to me.

I am now simply gold

That can think. 

He is simply a man

Thinking only of gold.

My father, 

The king,

The alchemist,

The madman.


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Our world
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Seems to be about a gold miner ambitious father or even alluding to a materialistic world. Super freeverse style in great meter and rhythm. Liked reading it. Thumbs up.


I'm a new poet here but I've been writing for other sites for ages and they have enjoyed so I would like your thoughts on my latest poem too. Pleez do comment on it.

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