Three Words

I’m always asked to describe myself in three words

The first two arrive instantly

1) Curious

2) Nervous

But no matter how hard I try, the third spot remains vacant

That’s because I don’t know what it is yet


Maybe I’m Ambitious

Or Hopeless.

I could be Intriguing 

Or a complete Bore. 

What if I’m Successful?

But what if I’m a Failure?

One day I might be full of experiences 

Or none at all


I’ll solve the world’s problems

Or let them unravel

I’ll be Unforgettable

Or become a mere shadow.

Will I question my life? 

Or let it take its course?

The mysterious third word shall determine it all


Maybe sometime soon 

Or somewhere along my unpredictable path 

I’ll acquire a whole new assortment of qualities

Perhaps then, three words won’t be nearly enough to describe myself

Or I'll never find a third word to capture them all

But for now, two will have to suit me just fine

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