Words of a Daydreamer

I smiled as they said I wouldn’t amount to anything,

Anything was possible and I knew it deep in my heart,

Heart and mind both unified in achieving my dreams,

Dreams I thought of during the day and the night.


I didn’t get the GPA I was aiming for,

For I was going through many hardships,

Hardships from too many things,

Things that I would rather not dwell upon.


I still got accepted into my dream school,

School where I’ll major in nursing,

Nursing others until they are healed,

Healed from whatever ailed them.


We don’t always get what we want in life,

Life isn’t fair at all,

All we have to do is work hard,

Hard enough so at least some of our dreams will come true.


When we stop daydreaming reality is there,

There to smack us in the face,

Face our desires, achievements, and failures in life,

Life that makes us optimists, pessimists, or realists.

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