The Sweetness of Summer

The Sweetness of Summer

is a distinct flavor.

This morning, as I watched the sun rise and the birds awaken, I began to grow anxious. So many thoughts were racing through my mind in those moments of Dawn. School was out, I feel like dancing, I want to SING. I can be everything and anything  I want to be because I have nothing but time!


The Sweetness of Summer

has an intense heat.

This afternoon, as I dived into the cool blue, I watched the water touch my skin with an audible sizzle from the mesh of temperatures. I listened to the bubbles giggle and flirt about and felt my weight become nothing in the depths of the pool. All day when I relax in the shade under peach trees, I feel that summer breeze and it makes me cry. Not because I am sad or lonely, but because I’m happy. I’m happy to be here on this Earth, breathing this summer air. I thank my Goddess for that.

But even the sweetest things

have a strong aftertaste.


As the sun sets over the horizon, my heart  beats like an african drum. I watch the world lay down to sleep. The moon is up and the crickets began to talk. It seems almost sacrilegious to break the silence.  But nothing seems to actually stop... people sneak out and kisses are stolen. Laughs are shared and hearts are broken. You stay awake for as long as you can, to catch up on the life you missed. You meet new friends and rid of old ones. It changes each night. I like to stare up into the sky and dream of the dreams I dare to dream. Have you ever done that? Just reminisce on all things in your head...your heart? I do. Around and around we go into these hectic cycles. I never want this to end.

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