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Come, taste the world with me Time wears bright call  For plain value  Chasing down seconds for centuries  Night and day  New and old 
L’amour est un rêve qui commence L’amour est une chimère qui commence C’est une ballerine qui danse C’est un poète qui pense
Love is a dream that begins Love is a chimera that begins It’s a ballerina who dances It’s a poet who thinks It's a bird that sings
You told me when we met that you’d go away, But, darling, I fell in love with you anyway. You didn’t come into my life to stay. I know that we’ll have to part someday, But I honestly don’t want it to happen today.
Love was so good when it began, But our love ended too quickly. It’s been less than a year since we met. We made each other so happy. .
What if we suddenly awoke, Realized it'd all been a dream? What kind of feelings would be evoked; For us what would it mean?   And if I could give back all this time, Run back across the line,
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
it feels so easy to let the world slip away.   old friends pass like water through shriveled fingertips on aching, time-shorn hands. the evergreen forest outside brick walls
When the sun rises don't look for me. I've done something awful and I don't want you to see. When the sun rises don't turn on the news. I'm afraid that's how they'll try to tell you.
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
Why do we love? Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless Love to be hurt Then why do we start?   We start to feel it That same joyous feeling
I just want you to see the way you've hurt me, the mask I wear everyday to hise the pain, the pain that is going through me, I need this pain to be slain.   I just want you to see the way you've hurt me,
END IS A PART OF OUR JOURNEY As time goes by we age-old and rise.We lose are hold and go for gold nearly all the time.Time isn't a thing favoring us to unroll.Loss isn't a thing to buy.Fight sometimes not to fight.Wise always knows the price.Risk-
if five minutes where dem last five minutes of my life   if i died in five minutes i would   kiss my kid hold on to my wife i'd call my mom   forever forever
I wish that I could Learn to bleed every night But soon I'll run out. 
You hold my hands Wrap the gauze around my bruised knuckles, Whisper me pieces of words For my mind to create Into stained-glass portraits.
Like a great flight of stairs based in the center of a garden, Sturdy, beautiful, glimmering, their nobility ardent. Our history a great mystery filled with tales of glory.
Ever changing years, Always surrounded by peers, Now, time to switch gears.
I love the way the sunlight shines on him The way the sun seems to reach out for him Only him His eyes are the most beautiful brown I hated brown But I could never hate brown on him
It’s gone now, isn’t it? What they said would last forever? All our friendship, all our ‘family’,
In empty space, we’re forced to roam The vessel’s engine a high pitched shrill In search of that which resembles home   As complex as the human genome
men cry of victory; though comrades have died. Heaven watches in horror; while children die by the knife. thousands are dying; and husband kills wife. i fell to my knees;
Time embraces the world with light, And sets the sun for an inky black night,  It can be the stitch for a broken heart, Or a sharp steel blade that cuts life apart.  
Charred among the ashes stirredA people left here uninterred.No beds of peace or roses here;A feast alight for blackened bird.
They say a man’s mind is shaped like a waffle. With each Square designed perfectly for It’s one thing and that’s why Boys can focus on a single Aspect of life Without
The last day’s dawning The final whisper of breath A gentle goodbye  (Haiku)
Up before dawn racing the sun to hope. Off the guiding path, where the shepherd will approach. Down in the dirt but no time for pain. Reach for desire or struggle On the lonesome journey, all are made humble;
The great American eclips was supposed to be the end of the world. I spent it at work. One o'clock rolled around, And the world turned into a graveyard. All the workers shuffled outside to see.
After all the noise. The sounds, the television The lights. The things I use to block out my mind. There is a calm. Here in this house, my parents house. For all intense and purposes a museum.
Each chime of the dying bell Nudge us closer to Dust from whence we came. Out of the depth of our soul Freedom songs resonates.
The time has come To end the suffering Of those I love Becoming weaker each day My body corroding away Confided to this bed My life is ending The only reason I am alive
When I have grown old, And my time has come to an end, I will leave this place.   When my job is done, I will spread my wings and fly, Fly far, far away.
Who will care when the world ends? Will it be you or any of your friends? What if the world ended today? Would you be happy with how it ends?
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
And the World Ended the cycle is over and will begin anew with differnt players on a differnt stage telling the same story of sorow and of joy endings and begenings  but its alright
Cutting you out of my life would be like ripping out a piece of my heart... But that part has been so beaten and abused that the rest has learned to beat without it already
Began all with something something White as White as Milk would be and as an Angel would look   Blue as Sky Blue as Sea igniting Waters bringing Rains to Rain
The day they said the world was to end and so the day the world waited for with fears   but no signs of it all and the day's work went as usual and on schedule and some as late as usual  
He on the seventeenth Of the fifth month Heard a noise He sneaked He saw. An illusion it would Have been thought she He hid as if he ignored She walked passing through  
Eternity hides this secret from us all Beyond realms forged of the call On the glowing fiery Star Never to taste the void’s chill Yet it faintly glows despite its touch
We burnt out. Our flourishing romance withered away  leaving us both as ashes of the people we once were.  Without our vessels, we touch. Our ashes attempt to replicate our bodies,
Complications are starting again,
I hate endings. Everyone leaving
Cat-God. Scars on human souls like cracks on china plates, stone-cold glue seeping from wounds frozen mid-drip.   Cat-God. Paws against old wood shelf, one furry oaw on slick porcelain.
There are some things that slowly but surely cease to exist
Yeah, I fell in love  Yes, I fell in love with you  I'm not ashamed I did it How about you? Do you ever wonder? Or even care about me? It seems like you don't And if not, I'll let it be
I think I might have just been  born of a disease. A disease where slowly my  flesh peels away  at the slightest remarks.  Where my eyes become to full and my heart become to weak
End Of The World  
I am alive: My color radiant as blood Electricity coursing throughout I hold my head towards the sun As I accept the blessing of rain ... I am withered
Time. Night fades away, as the sun warms the air, The voices are still, and the air is thinner today. Noon creeps above the clouds, as not even a sound has bound.
For every beggining, there is an end. For every Intro, a conclusion, for every hello, a goodbye. Each Alpha has an Omega, but what happens after each end? My mind chops through each possible answer
Neglect–ed Ringed out with blood and stretch marks. Wrinkles written in between the crevices of my eyes. They sting and burn. Fighting, fighting, and falling. I kept falling. I failed.
“You're all I got kiddo, there's no reason I can't show you what you have.”
rain is falling people calling  dark sky   bright lights     day or night      one more time       lightning strikes        walk alone         through the night          
you can act like you're my friend but we both remember the end let's stop pretending it's alright
You, you were right.  Maybe I'll tell you sometime. And you, you were right. Maybe I'll tell you sometime. Would you like to be my friend?  And you, you were right. Maybe I'll tell you sometime.
Some open book you were So open, I could see the dotted lines on the pages you scribbled on And everyone knew how to read but me
I know you cannot promise me much right now, because your integrity is kind of low, but if you could tell me why you're here
I know it has to end
In the dead of the night there is a cry of pain. One child looses innocence and a soul commits to flames. No help hears this call and thus none arrives, He is left to the darkness with tears in his eyes.
Poetry is beautiful It has meaning It has feelings It is strong It can be loud It can be quiet But like everything else Poetry and poems Come to an end... like this,
The cheers swung Above thus all Even the crown Sing the song Whisper rose As all had gave The end has come Thus shall be us Although we cheer The world will rest
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
It's graduation All my hard work has paid off It's my time to shine
In my house enjoying a fine day, smoking cannabis, harming no one and nor, am I doing anything wrong, but yet it is a crime, and to this I say, end this war.   Medicine for everybody including children,
I met you once on the side of the road you were walking in no particular direction You said your name was wanderer  and you were searching for an end   At night you slept looking at your compass
Your love coursed through me As if you had no shame Yanking my bare skin Into your lap
In the forest I hear no sound Branches falling down Leaves upon the ground Life dwindling down Leaning against a fallen tree
I hardly watched my heart,  nestled warmly in my pocket.  Most days I hardly took notice. But some I did.  I took it out, and stared at the glass figure.  I began to toss the thing in the air. 
Everything is passive, it's temporary The world is so worried about the weight that it just doesn't carry Think about a purpose, it just there Yet if anybody misses out then life just isn't fair
Carry the One. carry,.. drag.. discard! -futile. GRIPPING my face, Clawing me back..                         My affliction.    my burden. MY BURDEN. carry, drag.   Lost within my own
Birth; Bought into a malicious place.
A dark shadow on the wall     ready to pounce, ready to brawl Following, stalking, hunting, taking     just when you're unaware, shaking Tense, strong at any moment     a trap in waiting, no escaping
Letting go 
Today I look back on what my life once was. The pain and heart break I endeavored.
So what if this is the end? What if this is goodbye? What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky? This is it for our memories we've made in our lives. So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.
I seek no safeguard or heaven, Nor purgatory or hell for crime, I do not search for god or demon, I care not for the religious sublime.   I do not want an eternal soul,
To begin agian to live agian, to see the light at the end its all what is scene becouse its all that has been repeated agian tell the end.  
There was a rock in the middle of my lane, at least that’s what my brain told me. It was just a rock, a dark figurine. Yet, as I drove closer the recollection of its hop popped up every memory and image I had of the creature.
This day was coming We saw it from the horizon And how akward it is Now that we can hold it in our hands   But It'll pass us by This is just a new beginning Because we know somewhere deep down
  My Demise Abandonment overcame my being in the beginning, Tick. Tock. The clock chimed days away before my hopeful eyes
tomorrow i will be sad again. did you know? tomorrow i will be fulled with sorrow because there is no more me and you. do you know? tomorrow i will cry and you will not know. tomorrow though that will be my last tear.
Wicked hearts so vast and hollow Heartless eyes set on the morrow Greedy, grasping, never to miss Hunger endless as an abyss   Twisting, turning, a tangled weave Washed on beaches of filthy eve
It's hard to follow the changes in you people around you affecting your moves look back and miss what you used to be you lost what you needed- unintentionally.   I'm sorry to mess up all that we were
  This painful Earth will soon no more exist Someone please accept my last dying cry I will vastly go but here is the twist
The end of time is reassuringly complete I expected sadness But instead felt reassuring completeness Everyone else escaped backwards Into an elaborate game of hide and seek Before they hit the end
We live a life with knowledge that death must come.The days of fall are gravenThe leaves fall upon the barren ground, the ravenCalls out in the midnight sun.
  Watch the rain drizzle downIt threatens to ne'er endBut all wounds someday healAnd wings will always mend
It hurt, When you let me go. It hurt,Because I didn’t know It would be so soon I should’ve listened toWhat everyone said. You only wanted one thing.
"Everything will be all right," He says as she sobs into his shirt, Her tiny hand clutches the fabric. Between sobs he pats her back: rocks her, Back and forth. Back and forth. 
It is like we are sailing away and yet we are at bay still in the middle of tomorrow and yesterday not knowing why we try so hard to live in the moment
Love is a race. That we all trace. Take the risk to be in a better place. (:
Take the risk for a better trace.
Lord out here, in the wide open. I seem to always have fear, but my heart you have woven.   You have taken my broken, what seemed like dead life. You have awoken,
Green, lush flora, flowing, swirling 'round.Such beauty remains unaffected y man,If only it was left to itself.Earth will continue post-humankind,Lacking our catastrophic disturbance.
Hit the floor running, that's what they say But there's only so far you can run In this bricked up place with these tiled floors filled with sickness, sad- ness, and sterilization. But that's why I'm here:
Coming up to bind The troubles ahead will soon unwind. Ahead I go without a trace, Into the wilderness soon I will face. This is my time When life at its peak is sublime.
I've lost my taste for life The bitter flavors numbed my tongue Through prolonged exposure The stench of moral decay Deadened my nose to any pleasurable scent I can no longer make due with the sweetened illusion
The taste of rejection is heavy and metallic, reminding us bitterly of our own mortality
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder If love is in the heart of the lover If happiness tranquility is in the mind of the thinker
I write because you hurt me, because you decided you were done. I write because I miss you.
To the one whom i loved and lost My decisions have paid the cost I wrote for her, I thought for her Every poem was love for her Expressed my feelings through paper and pencil All the moments that we went through
I am no one I am lost I have no one People dont know what is happening to me people wouldnt understand.
The reason I speak is to let my voice be heard, The reason I eat is to nourish my body, The reason I breathe is to breathe life into others The reason I walk is to bring light into many lives
Girls got me drowning through her eyes swimming unto her heart. Only pool able to tame the fire burning inside my heart. Argument through dispute then its back to rubbing and loving you some more.
Day after day the sun never fails. The clouds might be able to cover it, but they continue to be fluffy. There might be a thousand drops, but only one storm. It might be a rose, but also a thousand petals. There
Money makes, you smile but love makes you happy, money buys you food, love makes you a daddy, a job gives you money, love gives you a wife, working can be temporary, while love lasts the rest of your life.
There's this sorrow in my heart after we split apart. The tears seep though my eyes from this muffled cry. I heard it hurt to think it though, not just me but you too. The next day. Did it go away?
Tip toed, Old age comes and smothers innocence, Purely out of habitual fashion, We sit back and keep our eyes closed, And when we return to this reality, Summer has turned to autumn.
Was there a beginning? An end to time? For the living, it is the expiration of life It takes so long to grow up But it feels like no time at all Then come the wrinkles The reality of death
The scene unfolds with little warning Words would have diminished its significance The moment itself should have lasted forever Its beauty was terrible
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
I am the wind inside the star, I am the child seen from afar. I am the water which few can drink, I am the man who dares to think. I am the fire burns ever bright, I am the ancient, age-old might.
When al is lost, and hope it seems, has left me here deserted. When friendship's cost, of life and dreams, have proved too much to pay. When solitude, and loneliness, are not enough to comfort.
Upon this stormy sea I sail, Upon the waves I ride. Beware, beware the siren's wail, Beware the coming tide. Your pain it will tenfold increase, Your joy no more benign.
There you see, He comes a'knocking, Wind is blowing, house a'rocking. To know! To know what parcel He brings, Would entice the greatest of kings. His walk is strong, His stride is sure,
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
Skipping lines and skipping parts Do you know wherethebegginingstarts Feel the constant beating of your heart. Then all of a sudden. It falls apart
Coming to an end No drama to be found Solely disappointment What could be and what was Nothing but a large fuzz A cloud, a wall, a veil Sad, but true Not one thing to misconstrue
The world is dying But they keep trying Putting patches on the wounds but they're still crying It's going under This ship will plunder It will shake and crumble by Almighty Thunder
     Each day that passes, each hour, every minute of every day, time slips away. However, most of us claim to have plenty of it.
I Loved you my heart gave you everything And now you say its just a "One Time Thing" I Thought you loved me that we could live happily And open our hearts Freely
Bullies are people, who are sad, They have hearts and are really not that bad. Bullies are people, who need friends, Once they receive them usually the bullying ends.
Remember me? That girl in the back of the class. The outcast. The one everyone laughed and mocked, For years on end. To feel strong, probably. Well, forget all of you.
One cannot stand alone; shaken violently amid the brutal winds… But a few can hold each other up, standing tall in sturdy unison, despite the trying forces.
A fire comes and goes ever so quickly Like friends you thought existed They stare at me for a moment and invite me in Draw me closer But soon they sizzle out of view, Becoming dark, smoldering ashes
The constant taunting Picking, mental, and physical abuse It scars Reaping at the core and dignity of a person It stings Cutting through one’s emotions It stays with that person
At the end of the world People will cease To love and trust each other. People will stop dreaming And believing And hoping. And the human family Will begin to crumble Piece by piece
I wish for a love thats right Someone who can hold me tight As the favor would be returned back to them We would make the perfect gem Glistening when the light shines our way That would truly be the day
Don't worry of it The end will not come These theories of lies Will root to the ground So stop making these lies Be happy to be around Live another year for you
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