Sun, 06/09/2013 - 18:48 -- cbradsh


United States
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I've lost my taste for life
The bitter flavors numbed my tongue
Through prolonged exposure
The stench of moral decay
Deadened my nose to any pleasurable scent
I can no longer make due with the sweetened illusion
Presentation gaining no points for lacking content
The constant pangs of hunger have silenced
I no longer seek sustenance in an empty world
And therefore have come to starve
My stomach no longer craves for food
I watch surrounded by gluttons as they eat all within sight
Disillusioned I continue to sit a the table
Fork placed down yet unable to leave
The sight of their malady bewitching
Even as it kills my appetite to see
Having filled themselves beyond capacity
They go blind,
Then deaf,
Leaving them dumb
Yet never satisfied
Forever feeding
Only to become fodder for the next meal
Being fed to be fed on
They continue the spell while never even knowing the words
Sitting at a feast of our own making
I find myself unable to stand the taste of death


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