all with something

something White

as White as

Milk would be

and as an Angel

would look


Blue as Sky

Blue as Sea

igniting Waters

bringing Rains

to Rain

running out

enjoying in Solitude

all Alone


Orange as an Orange

or Yellow

as Bees be

buzzing aloud

but temporary with silence

again to buzz a lot aloud

on going out


Green as a Young Leaf

enjoying Morning Dews

Dry for the rest

waiting again

for the next

Dew to fall


suddenly absence falls

and suddenly


Black! Black!

a coincidence to be

walking tall

with all frowns

a Black SunFlower

on ignoring everything else

to follow only

the setting Sun

before the Day

got any worse any more

and Darker

even more Darker

and Blacker

than Black itself

trying to find a way

a way out


the Mid Southern



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