Loud Call

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 08:10 -- Creator

Come, taste the world with me

Time wears bright call 

For plain value 

Chasing down seconds for centuries 

Night and day 

New and old 

Exclusive eclipse of love 

In truth of origins of ought

Dreams are targeted, 

from all feet can see 

From all eyes of the mind can taste 

This is the heart of life 

Learned from practice 

Day by day 

dealing bloom in looming loamy roam

Protected by blood and instincts 

Greatness is born 

Right from thousands of thoughts

Twos think of miracles from their intimacy 

New life is born 

Learning to make new from the old 

Terrified of existing horror

Lifted in holiness

Time flashes both

With liberal choice to pick either 

Hell learns anew 

Heaven knows what is, from the beginning, later, 

the end is fully known 

Souls would be born again 

For fresh clays to breathe 

With grounded emotions that live on 

in pro ought of strength, style with every self 

Universal art is art asleep or awake. 



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Our world
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