My Demise



My Demise

Abandonment overcame my being in the beginning,

Tick. Tock. The clock chimed days away before my hopeful eyes

& now I come to realize, you are a lesson, not a blessing,

You are someone I despise without compromise

Chin up toward the bright blue skies,

My internal boom box implies the pep in my step

My stride is no longer a look of gloom,

When I am asked about you I just answer, whom?

It is no surprise that this is the end to the lies,

You have set me free and untangled the ties

My smile shines a little brighter & slightly whiter,

Times like these encourage me to be quite a fighter

& strengthen the bonds I have to grow tighter,

Abandonment overcame my being in the beginning

I try not to judge you for the way you are sinning,

You have created an imprinting on my soul

But you no longer have a role in My Demise.





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