About a Frog

There was a rock in the middle of my lane, at least that’s what my brain told me. It was just a rock, a dark figurine. Yet, as I drove closer the recollection of its hop popped up every memory and image I had of the creature.
It was too late. My heart jolted on the brake but I let go as I held my breath around the next corner. There was nothing I could of done. I apologized but even I knew it meant nothing. I didn’t bother to look back to see if he made it because I knew he hopped directly at my left tire. There was nothing I could of done. Maybe I could blame my daydreams for distracting me or the shadows blending him into the cold, dark pavement but none of that would take away the fact that he is gone.

Maybe this explains us. How you surprisingly jumped into my path but my daydreams distracted me causing me to run right through you. It could explain how we left each other and I didn’t even bother to explain myself or look back. How you hid in the dark until you decided to show everything at the wrong moment, the wrong time and all I could say to you was, “I’m sorry.”
We both knew it didn’t solve anything, didn’t change what had happened. We were just two strangers that had crossed paths at the wrong time. Our intentions were not bad but they weren’t good. They were just moments that simultaneously created something bigger than anything we had dreamt of.
I didn’t mean to hurt you like I did. I didn’t mean to do anything but move through life. I guess I could apologize for disassociating myself and causing us to just happen. You deserved more than me running over your life. You deserved more than feeling squashed by me. I shouldn’t let my daydreams hinder my reality or let my emotions go for a ride but we’re out of time. I realized this all too late. You should of stayed in the shadows. You should of stayed safe.

Yet, this is just my poetic brain rambling on and I’m off daydreaming in words again or maybe I wanted to tell you more than I could ever figure out. But this is all just about a frog I accidentally might have killed because when I had driven back, his body was not to be found.
So, in the end, I drove on and you disappeared.



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