the week end's special

The day they said

the world was to end

and so the day the world waited for with fears


but no signs of it all

and the day's work went as usual and on schedule

and some as late as usual


the flights had no disturbances either

and all followed the time tables well

books were borrowed, conferences were held


customers bought things from the shops

taxis moved to and fro, programmes were also held

advanced Christmas and New Year wishes were greeted


even amongst school children

as it was the end of the week

and the vacations were to start


it was the twenty first

and the month was the vice versa

and the year was similar to the month


now everyone would be happy

and would shout in joy

that they are the generation who just crossed the biggest fake news ever


and because of this some put up promotional offers

but some have fears what would the next numbers be

and what month, date and year for the next fall to occur.


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