In The End

I know you cannot promise me much right now,

because your integrity is kind of low,

but if you could tell me why you're here

Then when you tell me, make sure you show


I am aware of your stories, the past you have lived

All the girls in your book, all the names on the page

but I was wondering if I could be special,

and be written next to your name


I understand, how this love thing goes

You can be sweet and charming, and everyone knows

and I know you have caught me, hooked me on your line

but if you plan to let me swim again, then I don't need your time


You know you're good, you know what you can do

but if you think loving me is easy, then these things are not true

Letting me go isn't possible, I am one of those who stays

I am one of those who fights a little hard, just to get her way

and if you aren't up for the battle, then why am I armed

When it is you I'll end up fighting, and it is me that will be harmed

-Chloe Aldecoa


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