Demons and Exsistence


Tick Tick Tick

Clock counts down

Merry little Demons

All can but frown 

Time is close to over

And space is at an end

Be god not real or broken

Little Demons smile again

The clock is busy ticking

No one can find a pulse

 no one can touch or feel

and no one feels impulse

The ground can be no more

and the sky becomes free

But nothing exists anymore

At least to some, not me.

Merry little demons

Smiling again

Look at the earth

That had come to end.

Its people thought of angels

Who exist in no plane

They thought of gods and deitys 

that’s societies bane.

They thought that they where real

Some thought the might be fake

But little did they know

they where demons all the same

Tick Tick Tick

Demons brought the end.

Time to play god again

"Lets see who next will Win’d."


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