the last meet

He on the seventeenth

Of the fifth month

Heard a noise

He sneaked

He saw.

An illusion it would

Have been thought she

He hid as if he ignored

She walked passing through


Time flew slow

More noises now

She returned

He saw but ignored

She gave a light blow

From behind

And without a word left

She so silently soft

To meet some at the other end


Nothing can block her heart

Not even her mind

She came near

Asked him why had he

Came there for?

He had some letters to get

She mocked him

He had a slight smile

But sadness flowed in both


She said it was all over

And that she blocked herself from him

He said he never cared

Whether she blocked or not

She said she hadn’t written so well

He didn’t believe since

Naughty in nature was she to be

Their eyes met

She was standing tall he was sitting short


He put his hands

Onto his pocket

Took a little something

Made by the East

Transported from East to West

Bought in the West

Transported again

From West to the East

Finally to the down South


A simple keychain

Was it to be

Refused she to get at first

It wasn’t a wrong thing

Said he

She came near

She took it

A friend of her paused by

A talk between them was on


He saw the beauty in her eyes

Her dress of green

Her hands so soft which held the gift

Her friend then left a gesture made he

Yet she took her leave

And passed ascending

The steps of a stair

In the middle she paused

For a minute or so


Sure it would have

Been that many

The thoughts would

Have been running on

Her beautiful calculative mind

It would have been

The past memories

Reminded once again

One more time


She left

He was lost

For now

It was

Only a time

To dream

For it would be

Hard to meet

Ever again


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