Thief and My Heart

I hardly watched my heart, 

nestled warmly in my pocket. 

Most days I hardly took notice.

But some I did. 

I took it out,

and stared at the glass figure. 

I began to toss the thing in the air. 







I looked up and saw she had caught it.

A wild beauty with brown wells for eyes

had stolen the damned thing

and now she took off. 

I ran to catch and return,

but once I had caught up to her

I wanted not to return. 

I wanted this thief with the possessing eyes.

I liked how she held tight to my heart,

and seemed not to care for it. 

I went to steal hers,

right out of her back pocket. 

But as I pulled,

I saw there was a chain,

a chain that kept it at her side.

She seemed offended by my gesture

and pushed me away. 

But she took my heart, 

and as I called for her,

she dropped the glass. 

I fell to my knees

and stared at a million small pieces.

I cried out,

and cursed my foolishness. 

I began to try and recover,

collecting and building. 

Bit it would fall apart in my shaky hands. 

I about cried,

then I almost screamed. 

I struck the ground,

and cursed her cruelty. 

I couldn't let her win

so I forced my hands still. 

With unwavering eyes,

I picked up every last piece. 

I made it whole once more. 

As I admired my hadiwork, 

a shadow covered my hands. 

I looked up, 

and saw her possessing eyes once more. 

With cautious haste,

I swooped up my heart

and backed from her reach.

I caught her eye,

awaiting her careless gaze.

But she was looking on with regret,

and took her heart from her side.

She extended her arm,

and offered it to me. 

I was still full of anger, 

and I snatched the damned thing.

I raised it into the air

to smash it onto the floor. 

But as she reached out in horror,

and looked so horribly vulnerable,

I couldn't.

I couldn't force my pain upon her. 

Could I blame a flame,

for burning a moth?

Could I curse the wind,

for sending a chill?

I handed her little glass back.

She looked on with admiration,

and I struggled to avoid her eyes.

We both turned,

and walked away

and never looked back.

At least not often. 

I held my dear heart with care,

and she clutched hers with ease. 


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