How We Got There


United States
35° 44' 53.6748" N, 78° 33' 17.0208" W

Tip toed,
Old age comes and smothers innocence,
Purely out of habitual fashion,
We sit back and keep our eyes closed,
And when we return to this reality,
Summer has turned to autumn.

Love last around two,
And expires at three,
We cannot be more than binary,
Decompose and turn to sedimentary,
Hard and left to be used again,
Look, it’s already 2:59.

Pinky promise and cross your heart,
Beating hard from all that running,
Cardio workouts were never your thing,
But you did them anyway,
Then you gave out,
Both of us left without feeling.

We had bloated bellies and bellowed beyond our space and time,
Blind sight only aggrandized my world to a universe,
Fall falls piecemeal,
Quivering from thoughts,
That you and me will never again be we.


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