Exit 7


United States
33° 56' 5.7156" N, 81° 9' 9.7128" W

The world is dying
But they keep trying
Putting patches on the wounds but they're still crying
It's going under
This ship will plunder
It will shake and crumble by Almighty Thunder
They keep heading down that road
At a speed they can't control
They're heading for obliteration fast
No money or possessions
Can provide the right protection
Their pride will be resulting in their crash

The world is heading for destruction
They're going 105 and there's no obstruction
Things won't remain the same
They're going 105 in the southbound lane
If you wanna keep surviving
If you don't wanna share this fate
Then you'd better get off soon 'fore it's too late
On Exit 7


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