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I met with her in a field of blooming wildflowers. She stood there in her sky-blue dress Amongst the sage, And primrose, Bluebonnet and paintbrush, Dandelion, And the tiniest white lilies.
You said forever  I guess you didn't mean it You went for my best friend What happened to loyalty?  She likes you too  It hurts but if you're happy leave Go be with her, please do
Her eyes were blue Like the oceans that I would cross  To be able to see her face again   Her hair was like silk  That was delicately spun
My girl had sparkly blue eyes And told the most fantastic lies. I sat, looking into her chest As she put me through another one of her Twisted tests.  She had me addicted  To her peppermint tongue,
I grew up being told I was beautiful. Typical white beauty. "Oh, you better watch out when you're older, the boys will be breaking down the door." I grew up thinking I was beautiful,
I am lesbian, I am gay, I am bi, I am trans, I am straight. I am love, I am kindness, I am caring. I am more then my trauma. I am more than my abuse. I am more than my scars. I am what survival looks like. I am human.
For once I’m actually happy Despite all the shit that happens, She makes my day better   It doesn’t matter if my parents don’t “agree” with it My dad and I butt heads all the time
typewriters and rainbows and there isn’t any rain here now poetry and books and your hand finding mine on the drive home street light shooting stars
I sometimes wish I could still do All the romantic things I used to back in the day Sail away with the captors of my heart and start a new A life without the chains I once had
He was born Sophia. But it doesnt fit him, and that name is as dead as the flowers I have pressed in my journal. Always there, a reminder, what I have to call hm in front of his mom.
Hey. I'm Benz. I changed my name when I was fifteen,  I'm many things. Buddhist, retired emo, a little bit of a stoner. I'm a little hipster, a little grunge, and little spacey,
She tucks her t-shirts into her skirt. She died a streak of her hair in 4th grade. She only played tag with others girls. She won't tell her family she likes her, she isn't afraid, she just doen't need to.
"I wish someone would write about me like this." "Someone does." You didn't believe me but you were all I wrote of today.          
My day was shit Until you came up in conversation And then I went on about you My face lit up and I felt all sunny yellow inside Even my cheeks went strawberry pink
I am consumed by her. I am consumed by all of her being.
Snakes are all around me. And, it becomes harder to know who to trust. I want a friend, but are you just using me? You say you'll change for me and you are.
You hide behind pages withered with millenia of hatred  Each letter an excuse for you to say "I don't care if they hold hands, Just don't do it front of my kids."
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Who are we really when we are shut out of the world. Not even allowed a bathroom break. Why are we set aside and over looked. Jobs, college acceptances, name changes.
Allow meto commentateon the world ofstucture
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
  Opening. Saying. Will I regret I am doing next? I can’t tell if I will lose her, If she will see me in a light that has darkened And turns me into something to be feared.
Dirty Dirty, dirty words How dare you speak them in my house My home, His house Who I am is not dirty But let it be undefined, unspoken
I'm at a Frat party with my girlfriend, Louise. Midterms are finally over and we needed to find a way to destress. At this point, I'm glad I came. The food tastes good, the music is great, and Louise? 
You say they’re confused They don't know what they want They don't understand And in order to put the world in order
"Have you ever dated a girl?" He asked. I wanted to tell him that she grows flowers from her veins
I don't remember when I first heard the word I don't remember when I first knew what it meant I don't remember anyone telling me
sometimes i write Letters Letters that will never be given Letters that will never truly live Letters that will be hidden or perhaps just thrown away   Letters that will be read by no person but me
I see her walking down the hallway She doesn't see me Or she does but doesn't bother noticing She's smiling And she's laughing And she's so  Happy I wish I could be
To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going
i think in poems when i see you four lines stanzas that all begin in how beautiful you are… and how cliché that is   in my metaphors
metronome heart allegro to affrettando pump   hair rises like furtive ballerinas on strident piano keys  
Ethereal angel of ice and snow,  Against thy cheeks, the wind doth blow. A zesty tang of winter spirits Bid thee come to see and hear its Melodies of gentle breeze, see Spectacles of painted trees,
dear heart of mine, why can’t you decide who you do and do not like   why did it take you so long to realize
She's my sunshine in the rain, quite figuratively when thinking back to that day One of the first days I realized I loved her She pranced like a child- or a reindeer I'm not sure which is cuter
I know you weren't built for me, but  Damn, Can you give me a bone? I was born with not one, not two, but three minority identifiers: Black, female, bisexual. Thank goodness I believe in the one,
Dear Mom and Dad,  Wish you knew how bad it hurts to keep something like this from you.  Wish you felt how I felt, the way my heart drops whenever you make a negative comment about someone just because of who they love.
August 23, 2017   Dear Mom, Please read this entire letter through and don't skip around; read this before opening the email I sent you. Please keep an open mind. I love you!
there was a sun, there was a moon, each who ruled her hours sun, she satupon the clouds, moon, among the stars.  "there is no light i can make",said the moon to her love.the sun shone bright,and nowat night,you can see her up above. halfway across
Welcome to the Closet. Here you will discover the many wonderful things I cherish.   On multicolored hangers, an array of shirts and dresses are organized by clothing type.
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
It’s not okay You know, it’s just not It’s not okay that I can’t just be me You say that me is all I can be But, then, tell me why I can’t be me when I’m with thee.
I think break-ups are so hard because You’re not only severing yourself from the person But from the symphony, and the sandwich shop You used to go to before each show
Mother, she is light. She bounces off tin-foil lakes, soothing tides. She warms the back of my eyes every dawn. She is a sunspot amongst freckles and stars. She lets me look on beauty.
I fall in love with the way people live The way people are Their eyes and how they crinkle when they laugh The way their hair falls in just the right place The feeling of their arms around you
And so she walked away from herself She put that part of herself in a box and buried it deep She saw that part of her soul, kissed it, and walked away
You don't need to do this, she said No, it’s fine! I replied. I want to, I said Because I love you, I thought.   You don’t have to if it’s too much trouble, he said
Live in a world where religion is a parody of its own meaning.Where true love is called perversion,And a preference is classified as a sickness.Where our young are nothing but impressionable
I am thankful for queer history. However hidden it has been. I am thankful for the great artists and engineers of the Renaissance. I am thankful for DaVinci and Michelangelo.
Girls like her were landmines. She was so beautiful, yet so dangerous to look at Like an eclipse, if you stared too long she'd ruin your eyes. If I stared too long someone would notice
5/19/17   Blue   when I see you I act   if forever is this table and never is that spoon does chicken noodle soup for the soul actually kill you? if forever is this table
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
When I look in the mirror  I see a face rottiong away  I don't know who she is  But I know it's not who I am    What am I?  Who is she?  Why's this mirror always lying to me ?   
Messy, Daylight, Fences     She learned to love her, yes she did In those few minutes and few weeks It wasn't love strain'd (maybe Shakespeare'd understand) And it wsasn't love beow the belt
I am a lesbian. I am a human. I am alive. I have feelings. I do not hate men. Men have not hurt me. It's not a phase. I can fall in love.
Odd as it seems, I don’t remember where I was. I just remember my sister wanting to cuss
With Her, Faces, names, places, All the world spins past, On a colorful carousel   Within grasp, But She is next to me I don't care for anyone else She's here They're not.  
I haven’t told my family and friends about these feelings, How I find girls more appealing. I wish I was freewheeling Because my heart is what she’s stealing.   My heart pounds when she’s near.
I don’t want to write about you anymore I don’t want you to think that you are as essential to me as periods and lowercase letters or that the structure of my life will break down and decompose and
It's hard being in a closet.The hangers hit your head and you can't see past whatever clothes you have.But I think it's even harder being in THE closet.
Me, Craving the flesh Of sunset lavender Tasting  Bruises from  Drunken collisions Willow wheat hair 
Anxiety and me Go hand in hand with my sexuality and me I am not straight  And I am not gay I am somewhere in the in-between
girl is sensual,girl likes sitting on a washing machinewith her mascara mouth openchanting something she learned in a pop song.  
I know that you are out there! Please come and talk, To a girl who feels all alone, A girl that feels so lost.   I am bisexual, Yes, we exist. I am not hiding that I am gay,
The main character loves me, the smart side-kickThe thought is a balloon that continuously rises
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
"Wow, that's pretty brave. Chancing on your mom walking in On you shoving a dildo Into your girlfriend."   The alarm screaming, burning eyes After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep
I used to think,Why should I even try?It’s hard when everyone around doesn’t see what going on inside your mind,They don’t see the pain, the hurt, or the struggle. At 3AM I lie awake, crying because of fear
Once- the kiss was okay, We had just come back from the fair and I couldn’t resist his blue eyes, Smirking grin staring like me like we were about to explore a whole new chapter
There is a girl With eyes so bright You forget that they're brown There is a girl So full of laughter You forget all she's been through There is a girl So changed, so different
  Holding silvers and golds into place on your neck, Keeping notes and to-do lists on a refrigerator in check.  
I am me From my head  To my toes I am the universe But I am very small I am my culture But I am different I am bisexual But I am not confused I am a friend
The first summer that I saw blood when I went to the bathroom was the first summer a boy slid his hand down my shirt, the first summer I learned my body did not belong to me, that I was either going to be powerful or property.  I learned quickly
The longest journey Is finding joy. And it's hard to find In one certain boy. To use a cliche, He's been through hell, And things aren't going To turn out well. Everything is a trigger,
Cool breezy autumns spent resting on park benches
He grabs my hand and tells me I’m beautiful
I've known I like boys and girls
So much has happened during these last few months Friendships have broken, Enemies have formed Even my sexuality roamed.    I don't know what to say, really Haters exist Deserving my fist  
They said, "you can be anything you want to be."
We walked down the street, but
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
Her. She is mind blowingly beautiful.
Parents can’t always see the signs When I was five I liked my hair long and dresses and pink That didn’t make me immune To how beautiful I thought The little dark-haired girl
my mouth opens,
I don't see her like you do I don't take in to count the size of her breasts or if she has breasts at all I don't take in to count how short or how long her hair is or if she has hair at all I don't take in to count
when i was eleven i described something as being “so gay” and my mother told me never to use gay as an insult because i had two godfathers and they were in love with each other
Baby girls
My eyes are sore I imagine the red rims where all the thoughts swim and melt into a dream right before me   And ignore me, the very part that i've buried with the ribbons and the bows and the fury
So you found out Well, how do you feel? Me? I feel vulnerable Anxious Confused Judged Hurt Angry Destroyed This was a side of me that you weren't ready for
“I like hot people,” Piper says And I cry because I feel
Bisexual You think the meaning is easy to grasp But for some not so much "Are you sure your bisexual?" Yes I'm sure "Really? I mean some girls do it for attention."
People are people Love is love Whether you're a girl Or whether you're a boy
You want me to hide.
No matter what I do, No matter what I say, You will always see, What you want me to be.   You can call me "she" instead of "he" And you can call me by my birth name.
Did you know, that at one point in time, Being gay was considered a disease? That it was thought to be an illness?   Shocking, I know.   I refuse to be labelled a disease -
For as long as i can remember I have always been attracted to females But I had always been told that being attracted to the same-sex was unnatural wrong a sin just not right.
Authenticity The orgin of all truth The face of deceit
Thank you five, thank you places— don’t break curtain, crack that imaginative fourth wall where the boys must be chasing you; aren’t they lining up at your door? “We know”,
What are you? Why cant you make up your mind? Just pick one? Why do i have to decide Cant i just enjoy this time we are taught that happines is in the future and so we must suffer in the now
I don't think I'm flawlessI have never loved my bodyAnd I know I have a shitty personalityBut I do think I am flawless
Can you and I make love in the dark? So I won't have to face reality So my imagination can create the scene of what is instilled in me to be right. Can you and I make love in the dark? 
theres this thing out there called honesty and i tried to do it once with this kid who turned out to be just another flea seriously fuck rhyming im very angry about this
Round 1: You ask your parents how they feel about gay people "trash" "freaks" "sinners"
Dear God, This is a letter from your queer daughter. Wait, hold up did this girl just say queer? "You are not a child of God!" Someone shouts! Oh shut up! This is my letter. Anyway you know I grew up in church
See my hands bound so tight Securely hidden Behind my back So I just sit here and fight You don't know how it is to be gay In an society Where you have to hide Your love everyday You don't know how hard I try To show you that
I envy those that shine in the light, Those who aren't afraid to fight for who they are. For every time I think it's time, For every time I say that this moment, this one is surely mine,
I Exist Though you may try to find some sort of bubble to put me in To maybe keep my unnaturalness from trying to infect you To maybe make yourself feel better when you can "see past it"
To cut your own hair is the safest way to live dangerously I want to dye it - pink, purple, blue   but change is like going into the forbidden forest or walking into mordor
Crystalize the memory & synchronize your chemical scheme, as the city underground travels through the blood stream ..of the young, the rich the old and poor..and the faces of the familiar across the crooked corridoors.
There once was a rose Attactive and sweet She reached to pluck the fragrant bud Only to be pricked with it's thorns  
Holding on so tightly of everything you know, Only to find that you want to let it go, What happens when all the hate and a taboo Becomes Who you are, What happens when What you love Tears your family apart,
Scared I'm scared to be myself To show that who I love Isn't "just a phase" That it's okay to love someone Someone of the same gender. But that it's okay to also love
A face, they see, a smile so wide A heart, they hear, beats strong inside. But they do not know, they cannot see, The troubles and darkness inside of me.   A girl, my age, lives so far away,
I dream of a beautiful woman I gave birth to years ago.
i’ve always been a hopeless romantic,
I can't get my words out because the constrictor in my throat is begging my silence to keep it company. Because they're bigger than me and their burns sting like the cigarettes they want me to be So I stay silent
Choice is a conscious decisions We choose what we wear And what we say And what we do But Love is not a choice Love is a feeling Mysterious and dangerous Silently screaming
They ask me if I'm confused? They ask me if it's a phase? They tell me it's a choice. That I wasn't born this way.
What is bi-sexuality? How does it taste? Is it like ice cream? That I prefer both flavors of chocolate and vanilla?!!! The soft sexy curves of a woman The rock hard muscles of a man
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
Sitting on the red bench The busted, rusted, nasty school bench The place I used to go when the teacher had enough of me What an ugly word Benched.   Sitting on the red bench
I am gray I fall in the middle of you all The endless abyss of unaccepted Hated by none? All? Some?
My eyes have been wide openSince as long as I can remember."Love" was a word, an action, an emotionThat was second nature to me.  
Somedays I look down at this body, I do not believe that it is mine, My eyes are mine, but every thing else seems as though I was so far away from it, like a drunk man pulls on strings
My arms remember The way she held me. She kept me safe. As safe as he ever made me feel.   My eyes remember The tears I cried When they told me I would go to hell.
Gay Rights, a word quickly slipping off American tongues, breathing in deep gulps of air through F*ck H8!  and the Human Rights Campaign. White men, proud: they've been heard once more. Young girls, mocked,
Others may just see a girl, beautiful and pure, But the moments when I look at you, I see so much more. For instance, I see shining stars dancing in your eyes, Though if I called them beautiful, they'd simply roll on by.
#YOWO And I loved a girl with pain etched into her lips and death written along her soul. Art poured from her fingertips and poetry was carved into
I’ve known I was a boy since I was three years old It’s not only something I know It’s something I feel deep into the crevasses of my soul Most people don’t think twice of it
My heart is slowly beating
I wish I could tell you about myself: that I love the whole spectrum of gender and that I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin that I want to peel it all away and become new
To love a man, to love a girl... What difference is there really? Love, to me, is the same  In any language, in any shape For any age,  For any person. Love could maybe just be a simple word
We, The people of America, who fought for Liberty, Freedom, and Equality, Continue to live in a world full of discrimination. “Are You sure?”
Since when does my sexuality effect Your well being, Your family, Your life. Since when does anyone's sexuality effect Your well being, Your family,  Your life. It's a matter of fact
My eyes are green My makeup is black My hair is blonde And my thoughts are back ………………………… My soul is blue
Her hair is short And bitter sweet Her eyes are red She doesn’t sleep ……………………………………….. She lay awake
Here and there  Lip gloss on there lips   Toned body and curvy hips   They bend down   and i stare longer  than needed   I blush at my faux pas  All the things I coud do   to her 
If you're a boy, I  Probably find you hot. If you're a girl, I Probably think you're cute. Boy or girl, it doesn't Matter to me. As long as you're Nice and attractive, it's all good.
There's a light in my heart And I want it to be voiced Just because I am different, does it mean I don't have a choice? Of who I love and who I don't Do I have to be straight to be normal?
Everything is fantastic, euphoric even.People who've been there from the start surround you,Laughing, joking, smiling, even mum is bragging.“Yeah, I have the best daughters ever.”
  Teacher, open your eyes! You are feeding them all lies! We are living in a society so enwrapped with gender, I imagine myself becoming a bender. Not only of rules, regulations, and taboo,
I've been raised in a world that dictates who you can love. Not by the foundation of their character, but the structure of their bodies.  A point where I feel ashamed to mention that the girl walking past me is beautiful.
I feel your pain. I know the hate. I see the fate we're doomed to take. The cruel words. The harsh remarks. I share your scars, and broken hearts. We join hands. We stand tall.
What do I see? A world filled with hatred. I see a world were man can't be with man. They can't be seen holding hands. I see a world with double standards because if you're a lesbian it's cool.
A poem by Alan Turing… Title: Who is Worthy?   Who can dictate whether or not an individual is worthy? Ignorant individuals view others based merely on their own journey.
      Since the dawn of time, critisizm, judgment, and alienation has been happening. Racism and hate has been spread.
The piano hovers above and around me The soft lilting music drifts into class the notes hang heavy and the sound drowns me out as the noise level shatters glass
Call me crazy to admit my past affiliations. Call me insane to pursue my aspirations. Shall I lose my sanity to issues of nonsence and dislocated tangents As I search for everlasting fullfillment?
     We burned like neon            Bright and quick                   Captivating                          Exhilirating                                Lips forever chapped
When I look into the mirror I see me. I don't see 6 colors or 6 women, just 6 of me. But then I realize what you see in me. You've colored me a rainbow and that blinds you from the real me.
I've searched my life’s peaks and hearts disappointments for gold, for money, power, fame. Drained, I can only see myself, in you.
Who I love should not define who
I am as a person.Why can you love her, 
butI can’t?What evolutionary methods refuse to releaseme from this cycle.Where can I go for my rights should not be a question.
Prop 8 You're so full of hate You f*cked up a state And forced us to wait   As bait for the courts You seemed easy to kill But not until bigots got their way Trying to "Pray away the gay"
Segregation reformed by lips laced with loquacious words,
Promoting the definition of separated girls and segregated worlds.Diffusing through hierarchical halls, paneled with the predecessors of freedom;
I smile outwardly to you because I don't need your pity, You see me as a happy, bubbly, and sparkling young woman. Did you ever realize that beyond my smile my eyes are filled with stories I'll never say with my lips?
They lock you up They take pieces of you Inch by inch Try to force you Into silence Into willful captivity Caged birds cannot fly But they can still sing Do not let your song be silenced
I have a voice; Strong and loud. Can make people listen, People in the crowd. I know right from wrong; I'm not sitting in a cloud. I'll scream till you hear me; Scream really loud!
I like this guy, I like him a lot in fact he already holds a place in my heart. I wonder and ponder what he thinks of me in the end it is me he doesn’t see. So I wait by the shore hoping someday he'd want more.
I look back at the few years in my life and I imagine what it would have been like to NOT have gone through what I did to become the person I am today. Mistreated. Abused.
Love is love “Gender doesn’t define love.” Why is it people judge what they don’t understand? Homo, faggot, dyke, queer! Out of all the pain we mostly hold in fear. We endure and we take all we can.  
Everyone Has Their Story, So Here's Mine...
I rather be called handsome than beautiful I rather be called he than she And i rather you say his than hers Not miss but sir you don't know how it feels How it feels to feel this hurt
There are people under the steeple Who can’t keep their eyes off the peep-hole. Why are their minds so weak and feeble? It’s misunderstood, so deem it evil. Mr. Man sits in Congress so regal,
I want to be the smile that spreads across your face. I want to be the one that no one can replace. I want to be your dreams when your sleeping alone at night. It doesn't matter if they think it's wrong or right.
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