Beyond The Binary


Baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue

But my favorite color has always been purple


The Pride flag is represented by a rainbow,

But the world still sees in black and white.

You’re either gay or straight, there is no in between

Either fit in, or face condemnation from both sides


Some people say that bisexuals are just confused.

I agree, I mean, have you taken an AP class?

But honestly, I really am confused.


Confused on how a society that can find deep meaning in Duck Dynasty, can be the same one that can’t comprehend two people being in love.

And confused on why it took 16 years of being in fear, and having to change schools so I could finally be who I am.


Back home, I hide my heart away, to protect my job, my family, my faith. Back home, the closet keeps secrets and hides them in silence. Back home, the closet is safe.

But a prison is safe too.


Others like to argue that bisexuals are greedy. That we can’t just pick a side.

Well, in that case, I guess they’re right. I am greedy. Because greed, at it’s core, is nothing more than incredible desire.

And I am filled with desire.


I want to take a date to the prom.

I want to be someone’s Valentine.

I want to not fear telling my family the truth.

I want to believe in a God who made me perfect and loves me no matter what.


And if that’s greed, then I guess they’re right.


Because I love without limits. Without stereotypes or gender roles, I am free to love every color of the rainbow. My love is one that breaks boundaries.

I look beyond the binary.

Past our plastic pink and blue shells.

To the perfect purple soul underneath.

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