She is mind blowingly beautiful.

Her eyes are like a sea of lovely smooth blue.

Her hair looks like a silky grean scaf waving in the wind.

She was in my 4th hour but I never knew her name.

I couldn't help myself her beauty was unbelievable all I could do was stare.

I admired her each day.

I see her in the hall and I am stopped in my tracks.

Her gaze makes my breathing cease.

I have this weird tingling feeling in my tummy that doesn't stop till she is away from my sight.

Her majestic beauty is unbearable.

I can not fathom how no one has come to sweep her off her feet yet.

She deserve to be told just how astonishing she is every second of everyday.

I wish I knew her.

I wish I had her.

I wish I could hold her close in my arms as I caress her silky hair.

She looks so amazing she is everything I've always dreamed of.

Her skin is so pale it look as though it is glowing in all of her beauty I find this best about her.

I stand in awe of her day by passing day.

She is so glorious.

Her just her is all I want.


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