Walk Away

And so she walked away from herself

She put that part of herself in a box and buried it deep

She saw that part of her soul, kissed it, and walked away

“Why are you walking away from me?”

“ Because you’re not real. You can’t be anymore.”

She wept knowing that she would never reclaim this part of herself


She didn’t walk away because she wanted to

But because it was what expected

She isn’t bisexual it’s just a demon

She has to fight it and

Tell herself that she is straight until

She is lulled into thinking this way


She can’t lose her family

Can’t walk away

So she walks away from


And walks up to

The role she is meant to play

“I hate you. I wish I could be me.”

“Well, either accept me or don’t

Either way you have a role

To play”

She sighs, knowing it’s right

And walks into a role that was never meant for her


She weeps daily, hearing in the distance

The buried part of herself calling out to her

“Come back, fight for yourself.”

She sighs sadly, knowing that she can never

Do this


This she is me…..


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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you're very courageous for expressing yourself

it takes heart to be bold in conveying yours story

you are important , you are a star that shines

be that superstar and chase greatness


thank you for

your words of encouragment


Maybe some things are harmful for us and need to be buried. I like the poetic soulful superb way u express and write. Kudos.


So nice to read from u again,Pleez do write your thoughts/comment/review under my newest poem too, .

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