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The institutions take on the shape of whatever political ideology is relevant at the time. They are like the chameleon that changes to the color of whatever background it finds itself in.
Well I walked outside on the earth that remains And let the greedy crows pick at my brain With forgiveness and gratitude for their primitive ways And with a thought lingering on the break of day
Alright, sweetheart. What’s this about acting the victim, Again? Your dress is stained, my dear, And your hair a rat’s nest. 
Her cracked fingernails Are now covered in a fresh varnish That shimmers Like a clouded jewel freshly polished.   Her bloodied lips
Were we human? Yes, once we were. But not now. Not now.   Now we are more. We are one. Unity.  
Sweep to the center of the room, My brain, the state I live in, All the junk; collect it in a pile, And sweep it out the front door.  
Will I ever be who I was taught to be? Will I ever grow into the mold that was created for me?   Though life is meant to be lived with free will
Why don't you stand up, And address the class, since you're so keen On starting offhand conversations?   Austerity catapults into
The letters across my back shout the truth so urgently so vividly that no one can deny.  The world so clearly seen from behind.  But in the front, a hollering silence fills the void, even those of gifted ears
                     I was born on December 17th, imbued with dissension I don't really acknowledge anyones pretension   
"how much is too much" i ask my mirror whilst i cake on the makeup too light for my skin they dont want me because i dont look like them  i am the alien with my brown skin and 
Her heart was made of music, But she kept it quiet. She muffled away every sound of it Despite how for silence she was unfit. Every day she sat beside him, A quiet soul her own age.
Self-approval never seemed so satisfying Than in a world, upheld by the lie, that public outcry, Was the true measure, of truth's worth: Virtue in it's true form. Words of truth, hold no weight 
My poetry is a farce  through which I feign brilliance. I am of nothing, nothing remdeemable. Only triviality  constitutes my blood. That of which we do not speak comprises my flesh.
Dear Teacher, You're standing up there talking and the hands of the clock keep moving and I'm watching the dull dance your words perform, lulling my wandering mind to my favorite place.
On a Loop losely based off Kerouac and Motorcycle Maintenance, Bums and Trains. Yet what most perplexes people... Why. Why try  so hard to go  So Far From Home. The Answer?
i’m focused the Computer not comprehending     whether or not i am truly thinking about what i am  
Eyes cold, glassy Body stiff, unmoving I'm perfect. Body in position. Sit still! Face rosy, smile painted on Any other emotion obliterated, gone. Smile. SMILE! Don't let them see,
It’s not that you’re wrong, it’s just that you’re different. And for that crime you face sentence. The way you dot your I’s, the way you cross your t’s.
January of 2016? It is a time for reinvention - my pal You must diferentiate yourself from the last. Self discovery is key; how do I know? Someone told me so   also  
You all are followers You seem to forget identity. You all are in search of conformity You seem to settle with docility.   Opinions are not for sale They have gone out of style.
A muddled society is what we've become. Contentious and so delicate of the facts. Rioting over our facebook roots, That's our knowledge, It's become painfully inevitable. Conformed, Uninterested,
Oddly enough, I'm weird. At least that's what they jeered to my beard as they peered, while my honesty reared with confidence clear, and hints of fear.    At least that's what they said from their box
I imagine Infinity as a dream But then again everything I imagine is a dream   I imagine Infinity as a dream Where he and I are together forever Where nothing and no one can touch Us  
when i was a little girli dancedand they said stand in lineand eventually i stood  
Trapped in a generation of social terrorization Where thousands of hearts seek rehabilitation  The halls are filled with the sound of gossip popping like machine guns
It’s 7 am and you are already here. Nice and early,  we have no time to waste. You will rise before the sun does, because nothing about the process is natural, but it is “necessary.”
My hands are always full I don't want to be successful I don't want that at all   I don't want a big house Of which I've paid off every ounce With my supportive spouse  
Some may say that this is powerful stuff But the general consensus is that it's not different enough You have to be the next Green, the Rowell of this generation But all this standard lends to is my general consternation
Tick Tock The robots The screens The rotting forgotten dreams   They're back in the house the grey building of academia and hysteria
I am original like everyone else One of John Green's "unique" characters Piled up on the shelf   We live in an age where conformity Is sticking out, what a lark!  
They want me to let go of my life as a whole. Conform to their new ways, all loss of control. Like fire and brimstone, they’re burning inside. But what they don’t know is who keeps me alive.
I'm not perfect in your eyes, But, My God,  I'm trying.  Trying to be faithful, Trying to be your friend, Trying to be your rock,  Trying to be your voice,  Trying to be your everything, 
Walk, and keep your head down. Don’t look up, don’t look back. Don’t go fast, don’t go slow. Just walk. Keep your head down.   Some people claim they’re ‘free’ And that they can ‘help you’
One, Two; One, Two Moving in time One Goal One Mind   A switch in the human condition From demons to angels Conformity in mind Individuality in spirit  
To clear all the expectations. All the allegations. All the  sensation from a human is to take them... Apart  And stitch them into a shell of their former selves  Like shiny new trophies in a glass case in hell
Porcelain   Where are you? What are you doing? This is not right! Unacceptable! Is this what you pictured?  
Filters come, Filters go, Read between the lines, And then, you'll know.   Make-up, nail-art, hair-dos and fancy clothes, None of it matters at the end of the night,
I am a beautiful vase. Society glances and admires My elegance, my collectiveness, My flawlessness.    But this one, simple glance Does not allow them to see
So who is the man in the mirror? The real one- you know? The one behind the filter hidden away, disquised because no matter how hard he tries... There is something different--
Pastel bows, Cream frills, and Crimson cheeks Identify me on the seventh day.
Skinny jeans, hugging your thighs, just a bit too tight. Purchase sleek iPhone case designs. Sip overpriced coffee, photograph the name on the cup. Accumulate more likes,
Why live solely by the bible, When it fills you full of hate. You'll only destroy, No ability to create. Endless sleepless nights, Questioning beliefs, But you have to keep your head down,
Wearing a mask Hinding a face Doing mundane task staring into space
Bump in the night, a forgiven fright, but so easily mistaken, for ones so often taken.   Things unseen, Things unheard, Things that most certainly unnerve, Scream my name
You can't see me When I'm with them Because I blend in.    You won't see me Stand out Because I'm a master of disguise.   It's so cool To see spies In movies.  
  Life employs a different meaning to each individual Is this awakened state of being existence? Or rather the opposite… Are we really living in an illusion, fooled by the conscious mind?
Glance upon this mirror, Right in front of you. This mirror, the one you tiredly gaze into every which way. You try to ensure you look tidy and polished,
  Here we come, a busy people trotting to and fro. You’d never guess; we hardly let it show.   In fact, I say, neither would they. They can’t tell, themselves. We’re blind and dumb,
Hysterically, I laugh at what I want to do to you. What you deserve. You clearly don’t think I’m crazy. Well, clearly I’m about to snap after you used and abused me.
Enter head on, in your binding. So called companionship, misinterprets For; contract. For it will be a "duty" and "privilege".
Gay. G. A. Y. G as in "God hates you." A as in "abomination." Y as in "Why haven't you killed yourself yet?"   "There's nothing to be afraid of!" they say "It doesn't matter that you're gay."
Where am I? The question we always ask. Trapped in a box wearing just a gas mask. Let me out. I can barely breathe. I want to be me, but you don’t fucking agree?
Why do people insist on doing things their own way? Why are we condemned to be what society sees as fit and just? Too many people follow along the paved path Too many condemn themselves to society's restrictions
I  am the same inside.
Pre-existing alliance aiming towards the win. One last breath until the end. Impulsive triggers silence life,
When things got bad my dad said to me, “It goes in cycles. You have ups and you have downs, and in betweens, and it’s all going to happen whether you like it or not, because it’s a tough life.
Why are you trying to knock me down?I am expressing myself!The world needs to know that this is me!
Can anyone save our minds? Now like a sieve in the sand Soon there will be none left to find Instead, we are kept busy with our hands   The base of knowledge, smoldering in flames
In the short lapse between life and death, an individual is taught by society who to love and how to act.    It angers me that so many people follow what they are told. 
  The daunting height of human creation Rises to the sky a callous cultivation Of unbridled and unyielding fallacies
I’m tearing my heart out on both sides Where hurt, depression, and love hides Making sure it’s null on the insides And filling the feelings with whispered lies.   I’m squeezing my brain until it bleeds
To conform Is to comply with the norm, To cower in fear of rejection, Afraid to admit imperfection, To see only what others have seen; to hear only what others have heard,
I don't have the words anymore. They escape my mind as freely As they once rolled off my tongue. I don't know what happened But somewhere between then and now You took my whole world and flipped it
We as human beings face troubles. Troubles that were caused by our society. Our sociey puts negative subjects intentionally, and allows US to become influenced by them .
Should I stay, Should I go, Should I pray, Even for a foe? Should I walk, Should I run, Should I talk, Show my ideas a little sun? Should I stand tall, Should I crumble and weep,
Society hangs over me 
Society screams
It's a broken Hallelujah that reigns over my lips, Singing praises to something I can't prove exists. They're like tape, Holding me together while confining the mind I really want to speak.
I'm stuck in a box full of language and clocks. my chest is squeezed tight and I can't love right.
She was rose or at least she tried to be with all her might she tried to transform but despite her trite she could never conform there were forces in the way much bigger than her
Ten feet deep in eternal sleep Fell from a cliff with the rest of the snow white sheep I look up in envy of the black one who doesn't weep Lying in this red valley My body, blood, and soul Is it's
Humanity: We look for solace in bottles and pills, Temporary fixes for paying our bills Because a permanent change takes too long and we're lazy.   We're greedy and spoiled, Undignified and disloyal
I smell the savory cardboard box From across the room..
A world with no style would be astronomical With no one caring what you wear But life in this generation is just too different It's not about what you like to wear
  The Sun sets every noon at twelve o’clock in June. Square shell feathers chirping in their square straw nests, Hung in the middle of a tree, Whose grown in line like army rows, missing leaves.  
  In a mad rush of confusion they hide away In a simulation of warmth and safety they hide away The thoughts inside me weep with frustration and hide away because there is no way to sort them out today.  
i dream of happier days:before the cell phone,her now-constant companion.before computers, iPods.before she caredabout how she looks.about fitting in,conforming.back when a night light 
Defendant, Plantiff Existentialist Society
Here's a problem to solve: You're given a set of numbers and rules, Expected to manufacture meaning from it all. Deliberating decisions isn't always a choice,
They told me I needed to write a five-paragraph essay. We took our first standardized tests in third grade. They taught us what a good sentence was, and what a bad sentence was.
Blue lines white paper scribble, draw, write and assemble "kiss me and say good-bye" for the third time time passes by "I got ADD and ADHD" every single day   hole punch me
I ignored the laughter I ignored the blood I ignored the screams I ignored the pain   But when I fell I couldn't ignore them any longer I couldn't help but cringe
Wonder what it's like in the public eye. Everyone knowing everything, No secrets Whatsoever, Judging stares; hateful words.   Wonder what it's like to always have a front. To be what others want,
  So this is me Shoegazing Always An epiphany And your garage rock sound Does nothing to stir me I just sit back Watching the flow Smooth over my edges
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
Don’t bend yourself To fit the mold. Break it; make it yours.   Be the person You want to be. Ignore their hateful scorn.   Step back and take A look at yourself.
I stand in a crowd full of people and there is not one person who stands out to me There's not one black dot on this white peice of paper, and why do you suppose that is?
"Don't have a big head, the world doesn't revolve around you." There's no I in team, that's all that I knew. There are people that are starving, homless and broke. But that's only in movies, it was only a joke.
You wanna know who my best friend is? That's right, its this empty hallway. Why? Because this empty hallway isn't infected with the black plague.  You know, that nasty cancer that spreads throughout each and
Freefalling A tiny white crystal of ice Descending from heaven A precious gift   Glittering in the light Falling, sparkling, beautiful In its own right A masterpiece unto itself  
Who is to say what a win or a loss is? I believe the magnitude of the win should be measured like beauty Only in the eye of the beholder, should it be judged.
Individuality is a rarity We live in a world of carbon copies Of mass productions A world where uniqueness is taken for granted And similiraty is highly evident
When I look around I see conformity. We try to be the same to maintain a sense of normalcy but it just constricts our voices. The world is closing in around us,
You sat alone every first day of school and hoped, no, prayed that no one sat next to you. And when they did, you ignored them; it wasn’t long before they said hello, but you had already put your earphones in.
if you never stop questioning what you're toldwhat you're shownwhat you're guaranteedwhat you're spoon-fed by the hand ofstingyswinishshrewd and slybusinessmenwell that's half the battle.
We screaming fall with widened eyes Our bodies break before the lies Sharp fragments tumble through the dark The ground awaits our lasting mark
Hi, my name is Lauren Lehman, I'm an ambitious poet from the South Florida Metropolitan Area.. I began writing poetry to help cope with traumatic events that I've overcome in my past.
The reason is simple. It’s not black and white. My pen is drawn to paper with ease For once, my mind is free. Words flow to and fro. I write for emotion. My feelings run with every thought.
Words that are for the wisdom we choose to seek  Predators circle its prey until its last breath  Dictators watch as it its it solemn flesh Stuck in one’s mind of the already decided
Its 2013 and nothing has changed. I sit with my homies and brothers ever estranged. Watching all these people looking at us as if we are to blame. Its 2013 and nothing has changed.
For too long this grudge has taken hold. A clear contagion and there's a man overboard. I see hate, I see pain, and disdain. Society sees you as a worn out bloodstain.
All boys want a letterman’s jacket I told my brother today “What’s wrong with you?” I asked him He said he didn’t care. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked again
Growing up with a father,Blinded by his own pain,I became the parent;His shelter from constant rain.Dried up his tears,Floods only became clouds.I couldn't help him like I wanted.I let him down.
Shoutout to the people who are always themselves, who stay true to orginality not caring who else,  is paying attention to way the look or the way they act,  and like having a life thats not staying on one simple track,
Hahahah you're hilarious! You thought this note was about how You broke some girl's heart! Comedy gold. This is coming from a place you shut off long ago.
Every battle ever won was fought with a weapon, that statement leads me to ask you this question... What am fighting with? But before we get to that every weapon used in these battles was tailored for the opponent
Remember how we forgot? How we never actually played by the rules we were taught
At the site of death we are sicken until we bite our tongues, screaming at the anger that coats us in pain, and as are eyes become blood shot red we are fighting to decide
Challenged with it all my life. The kids laughing, the kids talking. Enemies and friends alike.
Lavish lies conceal flattering false prophets Under a guise that is layers deep A ritualistic routine of self masocation Of emotional measures physicality intact Progressing and digressing
Sometimes I despise people when their eyes are cheerful And they smile around me it feels like they are teasing me because I am always alone Well it's better than being just another clone
Sometimes I feel like the destroyer Sometimes I think that I create A horrible whirlwind nightmare That whisks everything away What's more important? To be right or wrong
he human mind is quite the composition With boundless seas of thoughts, tamed only by inhibitions--small dams, if you will Laced with never-ending threads of emotion; like exquisite pieces of silk
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
I live in a dollhouse Where the Barbie's are five feet tall And their pretty pink dresses Resemble summer's fall.
I'm riding in a car with people I just met, Realizing that my mind is so far away from theirs. I look around outside the car window seeing the life I live in, While questioning the thoughts that are going through my head.
I wake up but keep my eyes closed. I just lay there in my bed. Seems like everyday is the same, I hear the same old story playing over and over in my head.
Strength is not always, Muscle and brawn, But the feelings you have inside.
If high school was compared To a growing flower bud I wonder if you’d dare Step foot inside the mud
They'll label you Try to give you drugs that disable you Saying this will never hurt, its to save you But it cures you Cures you from not following the status quo Wipe out all the truth you may know
So you think you’re a man? Walking with an air of authority- Looking down on all you meet- Spitting on the homos- Degrading all the women- Looking to your father, Disobeying your mother,
Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? With all these noises and TV lies, I fail to see with worldly eyes.
Empty within compare, Lost within despair, Alone always alone, And that's what I've always known.
Why is no one answering my cries? I lash out in hopes that someone will notice, But all that responds is never-ending silence. Music used to be my perfect muse… Now it doesn’t even offer me comfort.
I lost my mama one cold fierce night. Thinking she would return to her daughter might. I cry everyday i was just a little girl, out in the cold freezing world. things started changing, people dont remain the same, they are not true their word.
Here's to the girl that never feels good enough The girl that felt alone and hated herself To the girl that doesn't have as much money as others Who's messed with at school for not having the newest Adidas
Little town of silence sitting on the hill dressed in white it stands all on its own.
feeling so high at times it is my lowest low i just might lose
The wistful wind blows It reminds me of peace Never ending ongoing tranquility Things that are hard to achieve In this society which never sleeps
Please forgive me, I know I'm nothing to be proud of One awful monster created out of an act of love The irony is often too much to take I am sorry for being the worst mistake
I'm the odd ball, the loser, the weird one. I'm on the outside looking in, as it has always been. I'm rejected from society, I'm constricted by conformity. But maybe, just maybe,
Over in a moment Death is nothing to be feared; Life, love, and everything else Is a tragedy for the mind.
Masked from all light, hidden in plain sight His outside appearance is fake, with interference From his brain, he hears it, dazed with incoherence The boy afraid to try, shrouded by fright.
Welcome to the Mistake Factory We stake ‘em We bake ‘em We shake ‘em We even sell ‘em too We send ‘em We bend ‘em We bind ‘em We grind ‘em And then we sing a long loud YABBA DABBA DOO!
What's real in this masquerade called life? Behind these masks Underneath the painted on smiles
I am from ashes from shards and legendary rebirth. I am from darkness beneath moon's shadow lonely, silent, it feels like snow. I am from the world's remains, the dark abyss
Did you ever see a sharp knife and wonder just how far it could penetrate?
I look into my mirror. Through swollen eyes, I see an unfamiliar face. Still the same, But somehow different, Somehow improved, Yet simultaneously destroyed.
Pain comes in countless forms and unexpected ways.
What are my chances of Actually winning? Does it matter? If I only try – does that count? Rejection Doesn’t sit well with me, Failure is almost Unbearable. There’s a key to success,
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