The Society of Hidden Things


In a mad rush of confusion they hide away

In a simulation of warmth and safety they hide away

The thoughts inside me weep with frustration and hide away

because there is no way to sort them out today.


In a world that is hungry for hunger they hide away

It’s a cycle relying on consumer desire, so hide away

The people here couldn’t care if they tried, they hide away

in their mansions. There is no sense for us today.


In a school that follows invisible rules I hide away

From the paths that I must follow in order to be their way

The society breeches the boundaries of self, I hide away

To keep myself from conforming today.


Its time to open your eyes and see the place you’re in

To read a book simply to question the words within

To take a chance

And break the chain

Resist the looks

And go through pain

But never



To hide away.


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