Tue, 07/21/2015 - 10:18 -- condi82

I'm not perfect in your eyes,

But, My God,  I'm trying. 

Trying to be faithful,

Trying to be your friend,

Trying to be your rock, 

Trying to be your voice, 

Trying to be your everything, 

Trying to be yours. 

My God, I'm trying.

My dreams tell me that being loved by you would change my life. 

I could be loved by you, only if you looked past my past; 

Colored with those tears and that blood and this anger. 

Fuming with the lust of my naive youth that gave way to the promiscuity of my young adult days. 

Not being able to undo my actions is what kills me. 

I'm trying to begin anew. 

Longing to be pure-ish for you and only you.

I want you to witness my progress and meet me midway. 

Take me as I am; 

Sincerely yours, Trying to hold you hand.


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