Should I?

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 13:52 -- Severia

Should I stay,

Should I go,

Should I pray,

Even for a foe?

Should I walk,

Should I run,

Should I talk,

Show my ideas a little sun?

Should I stand tall,

Should I crumble and weep,

Should I stare at this wall,

While all my thoughts you keep?

So many decisions knock on my skull,

And all I ever hear is this infernal lull,

Should I destroy it,

Should I drown it,

Should I employ it,

Or should I simply own it?

This lull dams my mind,

I am sure there will be a flood,

Most definitely not of one kind.

Should I break it if there may be blood?

Should I dare to even ask,

For asking "Should I?"

Is no small task...


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