United States
25° 59' 25.5048" N, 80° 21' 17.0244" W

The wistful wind blows
It reminds me of peace
Never ending ongoing tranquility
Things that are hard to achieve
In this society which never sleeps

We must always be on the go
Make sure your on time!
Learn in 6 weeks or even a few months
You don't really need to know very much

To exist means to follow
Act robotically and you are praised
Being different means being outcast
Difference leads to awareness and also loneliness
Why loneliness?

Those who do not understand do not bother to learn
Therefore they will burn in conformity and uniformity
While those who differ try to survive
in what little reality is left

Is reality real?
As real as one makes it
Or as real as one fakes it
Blindness is worse than truth
Although it seems otherwise
Ignorance is not bliss

Wake up from your deep sleep
See it
Try to change it
In your own way


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