Fitting into Society

Society hangs over me 

Creating a gloom few see

Caught in the drama and the fashion

I just don't share the passion

No I don't see a gloomy grey sky

Or feel the need to ask some deity "Why?"

Because I know it's not just me


I sit at home typing this to you

Only I guess because someone told me to

I can't figure out

I've got all this doubt 

I'm not the only one

Someone else has got to feel this ton

You're not here alone


The struggle of clothes and matching

I'm vaguely beginning to start catching 

Do I go along and desert my views

Only to get around and be some ones muse

I'm sick of playing this game

This game where all I am is tame

Call me after the chaos has arose


This system of living is running low on time

Sooner or later we'll figure out were just acting as a dime

No clear individuality in sight

That's when we'll start the fight


Preservation of the imagination


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