my thoughts

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My thoughts they spin they twirl lovely in their madness their chaos their beauty... And I wish I could portray it replicate it draw it grasp it see it...
Darkness falls upon my face, As I walk I leave no trace My mind is glazed but awake I know my life is at stake I take one look to my right As a sailor clutches his gun tight Steadily we advance
I once saw a veteran, coming down from his truck to his wheelchair, stumble out of his door. On the hot parking lot ground, he layed, unresponsive to my concerns. I ran to my dad, pleading for him to come over to help him.
We'll always remember our youth, our careless and reckless acts. We'll always remember our childish loves,
I had a dream about my daughter last night, where could she be?The choices that her mother had made were not up to me.She was snatched from my life in the middle of the night.
It's dark and alone in here But I still bite my tongue because it's better I don't mind the spiders and ghouls The reward means so much greater I would rather be what I am not To please my own kin
There is something about love that cant be explained Some love goes so deep in cant be contained Love is strong it can take a lot of hits Until the one you love wants to call it quits
What did I do wrong, it's so hard to tell You always say nothing,  like I'm as clean as a bell You tell me I'm perfect and my love is so sweet But you talk to another guy like your being discrete 
No matter what I do What I try to do It will never be right It will never be what you want It never will be good enough But what about me I have dreams Hopes Passions Ideas
How can I even begin to tell you How overwhelmed I feel By the erraticism of my own thoughts, Which fly past my outstretched hand In a storm of complacent laughter?   This has brought me
I am pure, I am clean, I can be put together with anything. I am the only way to go, im the path to the sun behind the door. I am away from the night, i am that bright light.
There's a road by mide side by my left feet Ther's a guide by my side just ti help me I got the sun, i got the peace, i got someone to me me Here I am I told you that when the morning come
What will you tell your queer child
What's on my mind? What about what's in my heart? What makes it bleed and break, cry out in despair, what makes me try and want to rip out my hair.   What I think about when it gets dark,
In 7th grade, I knew I was gay I didn't think it was normal Not to be straight So I cut up my skin And took a lot of drugs I drank a lot of alcohol And gave lots of boys hugs
I wish you had told me sooner That you would be leaving me I know you have your duties but I Your daughter Deserved a say in the matter I watch the news I see the deaths
The tattoos on my body are words. Read me like a novel, my body tells the story. Graze your fingers over the text, you'll see what will come next. The tattoo on my body signifies loyalty.
Difficulties, decisions, dilemmas, differences, doing the right thing, dang I messed up, doodling,  distracting, diplomats discussing policies,
Love me, I a
What be of
"Choosing" to be gay Is the cause of my depression   God hating gays Will not terminate my faith   Lack of monogamy A myth to seven year couple Nicole and Rebecca  
Shrill voice of the alarm. Gets out of bed. Gears up. ascends towards school.   Classrooms are tundra. Sits at desk. Heavy backpack- Can’t keep warm.  
How can I learn to trust that you'll be there If I need you when I'm hurt or betrayed or scared, When most of your species only turns a blind eye To what goes on in this place, like it's sanctified.
I see people walking byAnd I wonder what it's likeDo they see what I seeWhen they look at you with meThen I think of what I'd sayIf they ever asked why I feel this way
Maybe this is all just a dream...... Maybe I might wake up and this will all be over..... I know that's a lie because I haven't waken up yet and I'm begging to wake up............ They won't let me go......
You can't take a stand in your room I won't care to stand to hear you Your suppose to be a leader, a role model a teacher. Not an insecure, naive, believer.
Hey, raised my hand. Yet again not seen. Here! Taking attendance but not yet remeberd. Student in the front row Teacher treats her like a queen. Not asking for much. Its really quite simple.
He stands tall and strong Was in battle for so long Kept family and friends in his heart Whom wept at the sight of his depart   Even when the news was rough He was always calm and tough
As a teenager, we are taught to be an adult. But what is really an adult? They teach us about the Government, but nothing on how to do things after highschool.
Understand yall We all fall short of the glory True story we were on the verge of He'll but god sent jesus in the clutch for Our victory like Robert Horry Yeah its an abomination but so is judging we
You teach of tolerance, But you know not what you say. One false word From lips wishing to express What it means to be free Sends missiles raining Upon the heart That only wished for
I got my report car yesterday and like any teen my age,  I went on my twitter page, saw a bit of rage, expressions of a bitter day, but as I go to type my tweet, I don't know what to say.
I understand that I am part of a system. A winding, long, twisting system, Filled with loop holes of all kinds.   I am summarized by 2 little numbers, And a combination of 5 letters,
education its part of a nation its where you make your best creations where you learn your best aggrivations     
I see you lookin at me I know you think i can't achieve But what you can't do is bellieve You need to start lookin deep   I may fall asleep But I am trying and applying
Homosexuality is normal, heterosexual is not.
  I stare at my work in a somnambulatory state; all I hear are words I don't understand. There's no feeling- no emotion. Words. The teacher speaks at an unconsistent rate; she sits at her desk doesn't even stand.
Blind words lead no where, blind thoughts get no where, blind concernes never see the light, and blind is your fear that we will  not survive.   We may not pay attention, we might not be too bright,
I used to be eager to learn, Now I'm forced to yearn For the knowledge I crave, And the history I want to save.   We are told what we ought to know, But are we ever asked what we want? No.  
They say the world is my canvas , if so then what do I paint with? Do I paint with an ocean of tears or the knowledge I’ve yet to accumulate.
You see things with envy, through your holy,and pure eyesAnything different, you simply despise“One must live proper, a man and his wife”We’d love to live peacefully, hopeful and true
The Mockery Students file out of buses in the morning, Into a web of quota. Curricula goals created not by the educators, But by the State.   The System With admin lurking,
With tears unshed, and eyes open wide Days of class and work and normal blur by, But now I think I’m safe with eyes dried, Yet why do I always feel about to cry? This world is cruel, not one I trust as a friend That has not hurt my heart or mind,
My breath sighs and wakes the dust sleeping still and silent on the rough leather covering pages of my brain. EYES SWOLLEN and overflowing with stars, I begin to gnaw my pencil.
Thoughts run rapid inside my head filled with words that I never said So here's my chance to finally show what I believe our system should know The best example of course is me
School life has become a social endeavour: walking through the halls more focused on friends than studying and in the end, fretting about getting through, and around people to our next class. 
We all have power that lies deep down in us the power to becone anything the power to change the world the power to use your God given tools But it takes dedication courage confidence
I want more voice tones: No more monotoned lectures. Then I'd stay awake.
I am not angry I have no qualms with the way you teach. Besides, Nobody takes the time to step into your polished, fitted Balmorals. You actually do care about the lives
I hear stories of young girls and guys Who like to play with rainbows. They wave these rainbows as flags Desperately through the wind, it blows. These young boys and girls Who can't help but like rainbows.
Mr. Evans, what kind of class are you running?The kids are all sluffing, hardly any are coming. The desks have language that sailors use.Everything you say just makes me pale and confused.
So we're supposed to argue civily. And when we cannot manage that, Give up?   But what if we're in a debate, Face to Face with our oponent. Give up?  
I am tired of these peers of mine saying they "don't want to be here", the mob mentality is too strong to fight, I just wish some of them would take the time to try enjoy the school year,
 Words used OVER and OVER again. ALLWAYS talking about this thing and that thing. THAT THING. The things we need to see are BLIND. The things we need to hear are DEAF. The people who need to hear and see are never there.
My mouth is a door You really dont want to open this door I have many things to say And they are not for anyone's ears, but you Okay, I'am late. So what!  I'am tardy, forgive me for my sin
Teachers,we know what you do,sneaken about, Tellen us what it,s all about, When those who can't, teach, and each of us reach, For that gold star so far, You make us or break us, that is your quest,
Dear Mr. Johnson, I hope you remember that this day marks a special death in September Of my best friend Tyler My best friend ever who took his own life in a sad endeavour  I remember the funeral
When you talk. I think just stop. Please don't say anymore. There's really no need. You act like I'm a child and I'm not. I'm a senior now so treat me like it. Please next time you have something to say. Talk in a normal voice.
Scholarships, tuition and loans clones the current holder of the thrones on going problem debt i want to be able to learn about serenity for the things we cant change  teach us how to accept we lost hope when we took out religion
Every year is something new but yet nothing has changed. I was suppose to learn it last year but last year they told me I would learn it this year. You expect us to pass the test
Cas was a troubled student. Coming into class late every day, sleeping for the first half of class, not doing his own work. Little did the teacher know, Cas was going through some problems at home.
7:30  “It’s only one hour I’m asking for.” One Hour. 8:30 “One hour just for this class, and that’s it.” One hour. 9:30 “It’s a reasonable request” One hour. 10:30
I woke up 30 minutes past eight, And School starts at nine. I know that I will be late, So I give up trying to be on time.   I walk into the class ten minutes after the bell
I open my mouth Your eyes snap shut Your hands clamp over your ears I must stop Wait until you calm But when you demand an answer This is always your reply You share no knowledge
  In the spring The flowers all bloom In wonderful colors, Like last year.   In the summer I think about the endless Days and the best of friends, Like last year.  
These veins will no longer drip rust. I will scream loud and high-pitched And I will be recognized. I will force them to hear me and I hope my anger will disgust them and my eyes
you stare down at me with those pretentious eyes   best, you want better I can feel my self-esteem d r o p p i n g like ink from a quill
We fall like the leaves of Autumn, helplessly to the floor. We follow the wind, looking for a better core. We let the wind guide us  to see what's in store. Yet we act like we know what we're doing,
Pause, listen to the beat. Its moving faster than the sounds of "soli rapide". On the inside, a vary of rainbowed coloured butterflies tickle the bottom of my belly....He said my name. Ofcourse my name is simple.
My life in the military is not so grand  even though it has its days I am Honored to defend my land I yonder to be where my family stays while I lay my life for you
I always wonderedwhich hurt more: To forget or to be forgotten I used to thinkthat being forgotten hurt more thanto forget
When im alone at homeI don't really know what to doBut all I want is to beWith you As I walk outsideIts cold and dark out hereI remember you so greatlyBut without you im so scared
A veteran stands strong and tall, They’ve risked their life, their friends, their all.   Some people may not agree with the war
Sitting here thinking about the mischief that I've caused, wondering in my head should i stop doing wrong or continue to break the laws. Ur gay and i'm mad, My past wont drift away seems like I was born to be bad.
these red viscous drops that paints our banner's stars and straps fake smiles and all these props it spreads like chicken pox and it cant be contained or put in a box obvious to the trained mind
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
You think you can change the world.You cannot.The best you can do is change yourself.Change yourself so dramatically,that the world will look at youand want to change,and change because of did not change the worldyou helped the world chang
I'll never be "that" girl But l can be THIS girl Silk tresses will never swim on the small of my back Only coiled curls will dance freely on the nape of my neck
There are many who live to love, There are many who live to be loved, There are those who sacrifice their lives so that we may live.  It is a joy to watch you stand proud near the flag. It is a pleasure to support you from across the land.
       History is in the making.  As a matter fact it's very similar to baking. A little salt for the flavor and biter root for the haters. Then add some sugar to the mix and you have the beginning of a flick.
Something too complex to know, Too beautiful to express, I am writing of your soul.              It is the duty of poetry to compress. I write to capture a sliver Of you, and of me; of the human race.
One day I’ll liberate my soul; my own mishaps have created the insecurities that soon will fade away into a cloud of dust.
I knew a girl who felt trapped in this world she was unaccepted  for being gay they kept putting her down for who she was the closed-minded saw no other way she asked why the world was so cruel
What shall become of the worldAs our finger around the trigger is curledAs people continue to fight their brothersDestruction is the answer to win all the powersBut what is power when no one is left
They asked him what he wanted to be When he grew up and he said, “Not a fireman or a police patroller, no, Not a scientist or an astronaut…  I want to be superman and Save the world.” 
Pace my life, but I’m never going slow, if it’s not one thing, it’s another , can’t keep my problems in control, dreams as children to grow up and get a million and spend it all in front  of the county building.
I live for today but not for tomorow Yesterday I lived for that day and that day alone I try never to plan shit cause I've already learned life is a bitch I've learned that love can only hurt if you allow it 
Colors, letters, hide and go seek The boy, best friend, imagination companion Playground adventures we couldn’t abandon Till the fatigue set and little bones weak Time for a nap on a cot set in tandem
There is no one in this planet that got attension besides you. it may have taken me a moment, but now i finally realize that loding you would take my heart and tear it all apart
Wild yet wonderful creatures that sore in the night Wise eyes set on prey, white feathers shining bright Wisdom Wings knows no fear The world is pitched black, but she can see wonderfully clear
Falling fast and falling away Wishing, Wanting and Hoping to Stay   Wishing you could take back the lie Wishing you didn't have to cry   Wanting to erase your tears Wanting to no longer fear
Anger, fear; regret or remorse; pain and sorrow. Build it up, bottle it up, write music, get into fights, eat, listen to music, self harm. What is your drug of choice to release any and all types of feelings you have?
  Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you perceive. 
Ladies And Gentlemen Boys And Girls BROTHERS AND SISTERS !Please Gather Around To Hear A Few Words From Your Little Big Brother For I Would Like To Enlighten YOU !
When the robins Sing - that is Love - Two Passions jointly wove - Intertwined - with Beauty and Grace - My Soul spilled on this Page.
Let's talk about sex baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about STD's Herpes chlamydia gonorrhea and teen pregnancy  But now you don't want to talk Just because your
As the smoke danced around the muzzle of my thoughts My eyes were opened to behold the dismay before me And as the souls ran, yet all for not I quivered in fear at the thought of their eternity  
Like the rain flows freely. Poetry does to the soul. Speaking legions of stories in just a poem. As everything begins to unfold.  The sun may come; The day may end. 
To the world around us, Poetry is a jumble of words. Adjectives piled atop adjectives, It is nothing more than a frivolous journey of hidden messages. But to me,
Standing, At the threshold of the rest of our lives.
  POETRY helped me read. I hated long words, I hated long sentences, But I saw something simple. POETRY helped me read. To me it’s quick, To me it’s to the point,
We all shed tears We all have fears We all shed blood But still have enough to give people love There are times we hurt There may be times we fall But the question is.....
Have you ever noticed, that if we all disappeared there would be no world? There would be no person to call this (basically) blue and green rock “earth”.
I've known forests: I've known forests vast as oceans and taller than mountains.   My sould has grown roots like the forest's.   I saw the dark snakes of trunks and long limbs of roots.
As fuchsias dance with pinks in the dimming heavens Waves whisper sweet nothings without reply. Giant pearl aloft and luminous compose tender tune Two souls perched together catch such manifestation
Where did it come from when did It begin I never thought id Love again Magic love is what this consist of Who'd ever thought that this love could have came from above Our sweet lips as they touch
                                                                    Will you still love me when my hair has turned gray, Or when I have wrinkles in my face, Will you still love me when I fail to meet your expectations,
Change. the idea thrills us the thought of it happening scares us the results would amaze us but the work load loses us. change a life change a friend change your clothes change 
The words have always been there. I cannot remember feeling anything with vigor and not having the words.   They stay in my spine, they don't reach my lips. They make me ache and burn and itch,
Should we paint the town red? Or any other color that means more. The boring streets. Sweeping the rain. Dressed with cars.                     Or shall we walk away? No, not on a Thursday. Bleak?
You're asking me why I write? Oh I'll tell you why. What a obvious question. Self expression! Nothing compares to poetry. The limits are endless. I am blessed. I found my creative outlet.
Within me a fiery passion burnshotter than the reddest leaves of Autumn.Not for Another.But for ink.That pitch poison spilling onto aqua lined pageresting beneath my side-palm.
I hate gay people Not because of your typical reason I don’t hate them because they’re attracted to their same sex
If I could have just three wishes I would wish to wake up every morning to the touch of your skin on mine the warmth of your breath on my neck the sound of your heart beating with mine....
     I had to leave, but choose to stay coz there was no home other  than here. I loved being beside this atmosphere though I wasn’t part of it.
I don't want to leave, yet But I can't stay I can see you crying, Tears fall down your face. Just remember I will come back home, that is a promise that I will not break.
At the End of the RainbowThey lie, “there rests a potFilled to the brim with nuggetsOf gold.”Not a fool’s gold, I hope.  
Chaotic My mind Spinning, telling, lying How to convey? Thoughts   Joslyn My friend Clawing, straining, losing The war on drugs lost   Words For her
The reason I write isn't because of some magical experience I had in class. I was inspired to write because I like to write. Simple enough.
Writing Freedom of Mind and Soul Without it I am caged  I am silent I am nothing With it  I have power I have strength I have leverage I have Life
First it is learned: Haikus, Lymrics, Ballads. Then it is read: Shakespeare, Dickinson, Frost.  Last it is recited: "Sonnett 116," " Broken Promises," "Dulce et Decroum est." 
I've been asleep. I never knew why i liked poems i never really did           like'em  they are just free words most of the time absurd                     absurd     freee words
oh This Morning I felt it felt it coming    Either good or bad.. I couldn't tell if I'd be mad but that fell   If it falls, it breaks thats the risk
The life of a soldier. Trillions are said to die each year. Yet billions of men and women gear up for combat each day. Fighting for the American soil; as well as the American people.
My name is Sierra, It means mountains. But does it really?   My name is mountains, Which means strong and stable. But does it really?   My name is strong,
I do all my best thinkin' in the shower. Which is a good thing, since i'm usually in there for about an hour. I ponder the meaning of life, and why it is as it seems, 
Noises are corners of the sea To many to ignore Yet enough to pour fourth To create a lullaby, A true artistic challenge   Words are words, Carried by the sea Inhaled through tragedy
This is for the kids Up at 2 AM Lost in a book Or drowning in tears. This is for the kids Who love music More than those around them.  This is for the kids Dying to be heard
Not only is written to be spoken,     Read It is meant to be experienced,     Lived The words on the page are as notes,      To be played Motions run through,     As life sparks spring  
What the fuck have I become? Do you see the world that surrounds us? Do you see the hate in all their eyes? And when you look back, Do you see that same hate in yours?   Our children are dying!
When I write my words form a mirror, one shard at a time, and I can see into my soul. It allows me to express things I don't even understand.
They say that chivalry is dead A witless moral of the youth  Replaced with disrespect, to dread And turned to ash in times uncouth   They say that animosity has risen A conflagration of social spite
Who's alive and out to thrive. By and by we must try. Earth is abundant don't just be a pundit. 
No one knows.No one understands how hard it can be.No one cares.But they do.
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