Someone To Love


Will you still love me when my hair has turned gray,

Or when I have wrinkles in my face,

Will you still love me when I fail to meet your expectations,

Of the perfect wife,

The perfect everything.

Will you be my everything,

In health and in sickness,

Will you be my rock,

My loving husband,

For an eternity.

Or will you say instead that Eternity is a long time,

And leave me.

Would you still be there if I had a scar in my face,

Would you still love me if I lost my sight,

Would you love me if I did not have a nice figure/ pretty face,

Or is it a trophy that you seek.

Look into my heart.

Love me for Me.

Not for an image.

Not as a possession.

Love me for Me.

There is more to me than meets the eye.

Will you be my everything?


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