Look at You


Something too complex to know,

Too beautiful to express,

I am writing of your soul.             

It is the duty of poetry to compress.

I write to capture a sliver

Of you, and of me; of the human race.

It is a task to make me quiver.

We didn’t find in deep space

Or in the ocean’s abyss

Anything of this wonder, of this grace;

I challenge you to find anything like this.

I write because it is my passion 

To show you how beautiful you can be.

It’s not found in mirrors or in fashion,

It is the potential of you, you see.

Each person is in sin, and forgiveness

Found with scars, and healing

Flaws and finesse

In exultation and kneeling.

All of these impressions on your heart

And each moment in your past

Is just another part

Of the only you, the very last.

I write to show that you are beautiful

You are grand, You are fierce, you are lovely.

Never forget when you come to struggle,

The you that these words made you see.






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