Bastardized Thought

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 21:00 -- jpitts3


Have you ever noticed, that if we all disappeared there would be no world?

There would be no person to call this (basically) blue and green rock “earth”.

There would be no: sunrise, sunset, parks, dams, wealthy, poor, powerful, weak, food, hungry, love or war.

This world that we live in would become a mere fraction of what we consider it today.

But, it would lose no value nor would it gain any value either, because there would be no person to judge it’s value.

What I do know is that 99 percent of what we think  about right now is man made.

If you remove that 99 percent you are still left with a floating rock in space.

Yet, there are people in this world that are elected to govern over these things that we can’t trust to our own.

The world is made up of many kinds of people but at the same time very liked mind people.

We all live with a dream that at the beginning cannot be created only changed.

You can’t make a man who wants to be a fireman want to be a policeman, you can only change his idea.

The truth of the world as you know, is that there are no rules or laws only suggests.

The world we are born into is one of ideas, the one we grow up in and eventually die in is the world of suggestions.

We do not have to live without anything but we choose to live without certain things because of our dislike of the consequences.

We are controlled by how much money in the world we make because that defines what we can get so in an essence defines who we are.

If you were to ask the richest man in the world what he wants he would probably think about an answer to give you of what would satisfy him the most.

But, if you were to ask the happiest man in the world he would not answer you.

Not because he has done everything that would make him happy, but because he’s happy how he is.

If you are happy when you run, you’re happy when you run not when you finish.

This world only likes to accommodate finisher’s but what's wrong with living how you want to live.

When you’re tired you can rest but if you want to run you can run.

Not to finish it but to run.

But that’s not the worlds idea, you know it and I know it.

What would you be if you ignored all of the world suggestions and did what made you happy.

You would be neutral, not good or bad but neutral.

What if you closed your eyes cleared your thoughts, got rid of all the suggestions in your way and came up with a thought?

What if for one second you separated yourself from the world and valued your life over the world?

What if I’m your voice? What if I didn’t write this but actually you did? What if instead of reading you were actually just thinking?

What if you broke down the walls that are around you and become yourself for just a second?

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