No One Knows


No one knows.
No one understands how hard it can be.
No one cares.
But they do.

Everyone in my works, my stories, they see the truth.
They know how it feels to be the outcast, the loser,
The forgotten one, the innocent, the slut, the freak.
My characters understand how hard life can be, how complex.

Characters get it; they get everything. They know my life
Inside and out. Every piece I write is me, just transfered
Onto a sheet of paper. Others don't see it, don't see me.
I hide every part of me in my writings, only revealing the truth to a few

No one knows how much I care.
No one knows how much I don't.
No one knows but my characters,
And I'd like to keep it that way.



So true, no one understands. No matter how loud I scream, how many people hear me, they just won't understand, and it's so frustrating. Such a good poem!

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