Let's talk about sex baby

Let's talk about you and me

Let's talk about STD's

Herpes chlamydia gonorrhea and teen pregnancy 

But now you don't want to talk

Just because your

Hollow lackluster words won't weaken my knees

I have no need to extinguish your deepest fantasies

You won't be dropping any panties

Because my dreams

Are so much greater than my need to appease

You see

My dreams are bigger than 

Your failed attempts at seduction

Too cliche and feeble to ever function

Your weightless words ricochet and fluctuate as quick as

Your erotic greed and need turned into hate

I am not a girl that

Will be your temporary entertainment

That will be your temptation

Which will only be

Leading to procreation

Becasue I have dreams

That bound endlessly

Filled with limitless possibilities

Let's not talk about sex

Let's talk about my impending success



I really appreciate this poem. I felt your determined passion thought the whole thing and I find it inspiring. Really great. 


Thank you so much!

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