I'll tell you why.


You're asking me why I write?

Oh I'll tell you why.

What a obvious question.

Self expression!

Nothing compares to poetry.

The limits are endless.

I am blessed.

I found my creative outlet.

You know that crazy, passionate person who is so focused on what they do

that they lose themselves in it?

I guess I could say I am that person.

The day I learned how well I could write was one of the greatest days of my life.

That feeling when you show someone your poem and they adorn you with praise, and tell you

how amazing it is.

That is the one the single greatest feelings I have ever felt in my life. It lifts me up you know?

Someone reads your deepest thoughts and congratulates you for having them.

How crazy is that, that deep down inside that mixed up head , something is actually right.

I may or not be stuck dreaming in poetic form. 

The best thing about poetry is how there are no rules.

No outlines to follow, just let the words and thoughts fall out of your fingers.

It's my not so guilty pleasure. 

Without poetry, I would be stuck in my head, looking for a door that isn't there.

I love how after you finish a poem you feel elated.

And I'm getting that elated feeling right now. 


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