Plot twist

Homosexuality is normal, heterosexual is not.

anyone who loves the opposite sex is thought of as a abomination. You have to hide you true feelings in fear of disapproval and hatred. Fear of expressing who you truly are. Forbidden to be joined by marriage by others who know not of your heart's longing. You will be tortured, ridiculed, abused, banished, set aside in this world. You may be a great addition to society but your heart loves the wrong person so they will never accept you. Your family is ashamed of you. You are left out of all the family functions because your partner isn't welcome. Hatred is all you will ever feel from others.

what if that were the case? Still hate that man just because he loves another man? You would still rather a young child brought into the world by a heterosexual couple, suffer and never have a loving home than be allowed to call two men their parents? Take a deep look in the mirror.


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