I Hate Gay People


I hate gay people

Not because of your typical reason

I don’t hate them because they’re attracted to their same sex

I don’t hate them because their love is forbidden by God

I mean, we’re all sinners anyways


The reason I hate gay people is because

                                   Some of them are too damn scared to get out of the closet

And in order to fit in this messed up society

They need to go out with the opposite sex

And even marry them and have kids


But you know what?

Sooner or later

Your partner will find out who you truly are

And not only will it break her heart

It will also scar her for life

Cuz instead of being with her spending the night

You would rather be fucking up some guys behind her back

That’s a double stab in the heart, you know


So get out of the damn closet already!

So what if society criticizes you?

Don’t give a damn about their opinions!

This society is horrible anyways

So what if religion say you shall go to hell?

God loves you, no matter who you are

Religion have done worse sins than just loving someone anyways

So what if straight guys tell you you’re a weakling?

Prove them wrong!

The only thing can could make you less of a man

And a true coward is hiding behind the opposite sex


So until the day I see

A man walking happily with his husband

While taking care of their precious little baby

And not giving a dam about what the world has to say

Then that day shall be the day

I stop hating gay people


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