Though Of me - Senior Year


They say the world is my canvas , if so then what do I paint with?

Do I paint with an ocean of tears or the knowledge I’ve yet to accumulate.

Mastering an art is something we all seek to do but only a percent of us get to taste.

The soul inside of you can travel around and beyond this universe but the body can only reach the heights and limits of your sky.

So I ask myself, where is my sky and what can I do to heighten it ?

Some questions that I ask go better without answer from another set of lips besides my own, something that I have learned through these last four years.

Self discovery is what we all really want to see , but we don’t know how to go about the process, and if we do see it, we say hello and forget about it.

When I study an individual that seems to have the ability to read the core of life I am taken aback and aspire to be a prodigy.

But I carry the flaws of a basic human that cannot lift their arms beyond their head.


The noun, the verb, the enemy of mine from the outside looking in.

The only stimulus of mine from the inside looking out with a pair of glasses.

For many years now I have been deemed bitter and unhappy with others, but now I realise where the issue lies.

A broken heart from a young person evokes a broken attitude, which replaces the love in which they seek for unconsciously.

Failure is found so easily by these type of minds, the one that I held so strictly.

The inner mystery of me is the road I seek to travel.


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