Poetry is More to Us.


To the world around us,

Poetry is a jumble of words.

Adjectives piled atop adjectives,

It is nothing more than a frivolous journey of hidden messages.

But to me,

And all of the other people hiding in the shadows,

It means so much more to us.

It’s a way to show the world our true selves.

It’s a way for an escape for so many.

For all of those who didn’t know how to say to the words,

They wrote them.

For all of those who didn’t know how to do the actions,

They wrote them.

For all of those who watched their loved ones suffer,

And they had no money or power to help them,

They wrote for them.

Poetry is strength, ability, power.

Poetry is a way to bring life to those who thought they meant nothing to the world.

For myself and all of those who had been hidden in the shadows,

We find sanctum in poetry.

We are able to help the world in our own way.

Through those words,

We find peace.



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