Sailors Call


Darkness falls upon my face,

As I walk I leave no trace

My mind is glazed but awake

I know my life is at stake

I take one look to my right

As a sailor clutches his gun tight

Steadily we advance

Trained to kill is our dance


We crouch, we crawl, and we sneak ahead

Making sure all bodies are dead

I trip, I stumble, and I fall

But this mission is my Sailors Call.


I do my duty every night

I use my training to win the fight

Blood will always stain these hands

But we protected our promise lands

At the airport people gather round

With music, screams and other sounds

I search to find my family’s faces

But all I see is empty places


We laughed, we worked, and we played.

But these memories begin to fade.

I cry, I scream, and I ball

But those missions were my Sailors Call.


The pain and suffering of my men

Haunt my dreams with all my sin.

Their lives were valued, not a waste

And War leaves a bitter taste

To many times they look away

For the price of freedom I had to pay.

They laugh and say let us go again

And pay for their wars with the blood of men.


They send us here and they send us there

One day we will be everywhere

I seethe, I rage, but I stand tall

For that life of the Sailors Call.


I served for you and for me

I was the best that I could be

I did my duty nothing more

Justice was what I was fighting for

Those men and women who did fall

Volunteered for the life of the Sailors Call.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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