...And No One Ever Knew


I once saw a veteran, coming down from his truck to his wheelchair, stumble out of his door.

On the hot parking lot ground, he layed, unresponsive to my concerns.

I ran to my dad, pleading for him to come over to help him.

The man was mute, had a prosthetic leg, and could only moan his responses.

I wanted to know his story, how, why,

...And no one ever knew.


My dad, almost a veteran, tried to help him up by himself.

My dad, who went through chemotherapy and radiation.

My dad, who found out a couple of weeks ago that he was clear on his scan.

My dad, who is healing from back surgery, and is about to go through another surgery.

My dad, who forgot about all of this, and still tried to help.

...And no one ever knew.


As a policeman drove by, another young man came to his aid.

All I could do was watch, with my lips on a leash,

My feet plastered to the ground, my legs perfectly together,

My hands neatly folded under my chin, my eyes, looking around so they wouldn't water,

My heart, resisting the urge to break down,

...And no one ever knew


And as my dad and I drove off,

All he could say the ride back were hopes for another man's health

I watched a quaint, struggling mouse hand over its cheese to another one of its kind,

and as it walked away, dropped a few of its bread crumbs.

People have so much to give,

...And no one ever knew.


...But now, you do.

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