I had to leave, but choose to stay coz there was no home other  than here. I loved being beside this atmosphere though I wasn’t part of it. But, I felt I was coz you were there with me to sooth me enough like a daughter no more like a widow ,you  are my mother after raw if I left my parents’ home to be part of your family then I will be part of this family till the end because I got no home other than here. So let  it be coz you got no idea,  your people will be my people, your God will be my God, it doesn’t matter whether am of a difference but being with you will make a difference. Where you will be buried I also be buried and don’t look at me like that ,coz what I say   I mean it and nothing  else apart from what I have said. Me to you my  only one if I want to marry then it will be from you and it won’t be far from this place coz it’s you who owns me now and don’t disappoint me despite my husband’s death your  home will be my home and we shall share the same  plate, the same glass of water and let nothing come between us. 


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