I hear stories of young girls and guys

Who like to play with rainbows.

They wave these rainbows as flags

Desperately through the wind, it blows.

These young boys and girls

Who can't help but like rainbows.

These rainbows define them

For they contain the color spectrum

Beautiful to the eyes

However, we reject them.

We refuse to accept them

Because of the way they were created.

Same sex lovers

Why do we hate it?

Religion teaches that God could never stand it.

But why would God create something if he couldn't handle it?

Fact is, we humans are so afraid of change.

We twist and hide FEAR by giving it another name.

Supported by bias evidence

Which makes it all sound the same.

If it is a sin, I say let it be

For god knows what they chose.

And I believe He has empathy

For those children who like rainbows.



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