Love Reigns

They say that chivalry is dead

A witless moral of the youth 

Replaced with disrespect, to dread

And turned to ash in times uncouth


They say that animosity has risen

A conflagration of social spite

Writhing with anger, like a crowded prison

Shrouded in the darkness of the night


Like the phoenix, love is born again

The demise of hatred and villainy too

Must ease the pain of life for a moment then

And lost love, reborn, pushes through


Twisted words will count for naught

A devious creation of the snake

Festered wounds of absent truth, forthbrought

Torment the soul until great minds ache


Love, in truth, is no apocryphal specter

Warmth of mirthful souls brought to life

Easily taken but difficult to find, like nectar 

Abundantly given in times of strife


Why then, does love hide its face?

Have we offended this gift forsaken?

Or must we acquiesce in solemn grace

And admit that we have been mistaken? 


Youth join me nobly, hand in hand

To accomplish the world's greatest feat

Cleanse the hatred from this land

And never, ever, accept defeat


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