Veterans and Soldiers of The USA


A veteran stands strong and tall,

They’ve risked their life, their friends, their all.


Some people may not agree with the war

They say it fights for the wealthy, and kills the poor.


Despite beliefs one fact remains true,

The soldiers fight through and through.


Soldiers go out into war,

they know full well what might be in store.


They go out knowing, they may watch their friends die.

They go out knowing bombs will rain down from the sky.


Imagine the terrors for a moment if you will,

In the quite, the dusk, the mists, the still.


A shattering bang goes off, as deadly weapons are fired.

You haven’t slept, or rested for numerous hours, you’re weary, starved, and tired.


It is in the mist, the fog, the dark grey sky,

This is where dangers of war lie.


When the sky the color once gray,

Will no longer stay in that tranquil way,


It is now peppered with terrifying oranges, blues, yellows and shades of blood red,

 The sign of fires, fired weapons and the numerous soldiers dead.


Two brothers, lay in the mud,

The football star, the classic athletic stud.


They grew up together in a house that can not be much unlike yours.

They threw hoops, went to school, received bad or good test scores.


They have parents waiting for news back home,

Maybe wives or children, surviving on their own.


They fight on knowing the times their loved ones will celebrate around a table or tree

Could not even happen if they didn’t continue this fight to stay safe and free.



Only one of the two siblings will arrive back home,

Witnessing things he’s never wanted to see, injured and maybe even alone.


Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

"It is honorable to die in the name of your homeland.” Your country.


These soldiers we owe our every last right,

They fight in the cold, treacherous, and damp dawns till long wintery nights.


When you see a soldier standing strong with his head held high,

He may be saying a prayer to the sky.


Praying his loved ones are safe and sound,

And that one day he will again see more than just bloodied ground.


The horrors and sights these soldiers will see,

Are more than I know I could ever expect of me.


When you see a soldier, or a veteran passing by,

Make sure to stop and give him a nod, and say hi.


They do not know you yet they stay strong and continue,

The least you can do is stop and say thank you.


For not all of the soldiers will return,

some witness homes, friends, families, or villages burn.


They see things that would rip at your heart,

Scar your mind and tear you apart.


They come back to this country to see a brighter day,

I’m writing this poem to simply say


Tell a soldier or veteran Thank you,

And not just on Veterans Day.



Marya Rose

I love how this poem makes the reality so real. Its directness is awesome. It doesn't beat around the bush, instead it gets right to the point, and the point is that war is not glamorous, it is hell. It destroys lives not only of the soliders, but of the families.

If I were you, I would send this poem to the politicians in Washington, who decide whether we go to war or not, and don't limit it to just Washington, but translate it into different languages and have it read at the United Nations meetings. Maybe it will kick them in the butt to try and meet in the middle, compromise, so as to solve problems democratically, instead of through bloodshed.


Thanks for your feedback! I'd honestly love to do something like that but wouldn't know how to go about it. I did read it at my schools homecoming assembly. I read this to my math teacher and she wanted to make sure everyone got a copy. I'm so glad you like it though!




Thank you! =)


Feel free to also read my poem "Horizon". It's probably not as good as this one but it is one of my personal favorites!

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